Thursday, November 30, 2006

Author-Based A ~ Z "READS OF NOVEMBER"

November was a productive month for my reading life. Two of the nine made it to my BEST READS of 2006 list. Eleven more to go to complete my New-t0 Me Author-Based Reads.


"Z" ~ (Zusak) The Book Thief

"O" ~
(Otsuka) When the Emperor was Divine

"P" ~
(Prose) Reading Like a Writer

"B" ~
(Burroughs) Running with Scissors ~ BOiPod

"Q" ~
(Quindlen) Being Perfect

"S" ~
(Setterfield) The Thirteenth Tale

"M" ~
(Montgomery) The Good Good Pig

"Y" ~
(Yarbrough) The End of California

"R" ~
(Rash) One Foot in Eden

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  1. Wow, Joy, that's a pretty darn good list for one month. I'm impressed. I love the scrabble letters with this post.


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