Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Author-Based A ~ Z "READS OF OCTOBER"

While all my October Reads were better than "Just Okay", I have only one that made it to my BEST READS of 2006. Considering I only read 6 books, October was still a very good month!


"K" ~ (Kirino) Out

"H" ~
(Hyland) Carry Me Down

"A" ~
(Abbott) Panic ~ BOiPod

"W" ~
(Walls) The Glass Castle

"C" ~
(Child) Killing Floor

"J" ~
(Jackson) gods in Alabama ~ BOiPod

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  1. What was the second book you read in Oct. that made it on your Best Reads of 2006 list? I see The Glass Castle, but none of the others. I don't think I have Glass Castle on my TBR list, so I'll add it.

  2. OOPS! Thanks Booklogged for catching my blunder. I was thinking (at the time) that I read THE BOOK THIEF in October. I will fix that. :)

  3. How many books do you have left to read on your A to Z list. Again, thanks for getting me going on this. I'm loving the challenge.

  4. I just began my AUTHOR-BASED A ~ Z Reads in October. I currently have read 8 books, so I have 18 to go. :) I'm enjoying the author-based more. How about you?

  5. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Wow - looks like you had a great reading month! I'm impressed!! :)

  6. Joy,

    Sorry to be so stupid. What is BOiPod? I've never bothered to ask but I'm dying to know!

  7. Glad you asked...always happy to en"light"en! :)

    BOiPod = Book On iPod, just like BOCD = Book On CD


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