Saturday, November 18, 2006

"Y" Author-Based A ~ Z Reads

Steve Yarbrough
Personal Rating: 3.25/5

This book has left me with an overall sullen feeling and a little disappointed as well. I was enjoying the mysterious beginning, but as the storyline developed I seemed to only discover one flawed character after another. We are all flawed in one way or another so that wasn't necessarily surprising, it was just not enough for me to remain interested or connected. I rated it a tad above "Just Okay" because I did come out of it with a feeling; albeit a blah one, but a feeling nonetheless.


  1. Darn! Another "not-so-great" book. I see you have Middlesex up next. I'll be interested in your thoughts about that one. I haven't read it yet, but have thought about it.

  2. I decided so-so books have their place. It makes the great ones that much more exciting. How many books are left on your A to Z list?

  3. Booklogged ~ This is just MY opinion. It's rated a 4.5 (8 people) on Amazon and I know others that liked it a lot. I didn't dislike it, but I wouldn't say it was "Very Good". The "Upcoming" are listed in alphabetical order, not by what's to be posted next. I read/listen to them simultaneously. I'm listening to MIDDLESEX and it's long, so it will not be next...ONE FOOT IN EDEN will be.

    Framed ~ I have come to that very same conclusion. It is okay to have a "Just Okay" book; however, I don't think that's the author's intent. To each it's own. I currently have 12 to go to finish my A ~ Z Author Reads. I've LOVED the New-To-Me Author-Based Challenge. I will give myself a break after this and read randomly, but will definitely do it again sometime. How about you? How many left and are you enjoying it?

  4. I just finished my "I" author and Title so there are 34 more to go. I'm enjoying it very much. I've read several books that I had just kept putting off because something else was more inviting, and I really liked them. There were also a few that I can gladly give away making more room on the shelf. The focus has been very good for me.

  5. Just stopped by to wish you and yours a wonerful Thanksgiving..take care..Lotus

  6. Lotus ~ Thank you...that was very kind. :)


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