Monday, May 14, 2007

By the Decades Challenge ~ 30's (1931)

Pearl S. Buck ~ BOiPod
Personal Rating: 4/5
Yearly Count: 36

Wow! I actually liked this classic. I have surprised myself. :) It happened to be a slow-going story with a few spots when I wanted to push it along, but I think overall the tempo probably added to its charm.

In a nutshell, the story was about a Chinese farmer trying to make a good life for himself. The plot allowed the reader to become familiar with the culture and common practice of the Chinese in the early 1900's. The character development led to caring about the family's well-being and feeling the results of every choice they made.

I enjoyed this. I'm glad I listened it though. I think for this book it kept the story going so I continually wanted to know what was going to happen next, instead of setting it aside during the slower parts and running the risk of not picking it up again.


  1. 'The Good Earth' is terrific. (See, we can agree on books). I was so angry at how the main character treated his wife. Grrrr. But it is a wonderful story and I'm really glad you liked it too.

  2. Anonymous2:54 PM

    This is one of my all time favorite books. I just read the next in the trilogy "Sons" and have the last one "A House Divided" ready to go. I only found out there were 2 other books about a year ago.

  3. I loved The Good Earth. Like you, I didn't expect to enjoy it much. For some reason my mind translated "Nobel Prize" as "slow, boring, tedious, and dull".

    Just in the past week, though, I've started books by two other Nobel Prize-winners, and I'm enjoying them immensely. Maybe the Nobel lit committee knows what it's talking about, after all...

    At some point I'm going to have to check out those sequels to The Good Earth.

  4. I listened to it too. I'm not sure I would have stuck with it as a 3D book, but as an audiobook I liked it. I think George Guidall read the version I had from the library.

  5. The Good Earth is one classic I did read while still in High School. I loved it way back then. I think it's time for a reread though, because I don't remember much about it.

  6. Hey, Joy, I have some really terrific news for you. I just held the drawing for Colleen Gleason's Rises the Night and YOU WON!

    Congratulations! You're going to really enjoy reading this book. Please send your address to me:
    booklogged-reader (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks.

  7. Booklogged ~ Really!?! Wow! Thank you so much. I have had an AWFUL week, so this gift is perfect timing. It truly lifts my spirits. :) Isn't it wonderful to know that a gift of a book can bring so much joy? Thank you, Booklogged, thank you.

    I better get to THE REST FALLS AWAY as soon as possible!

  8. Oh no, Joy! Sorry to hear you had an awful week, but at least you won a contest! With a book as the prize at that.

    I really like The Good Earth when I read it way back when, but it's been awhile.

    It's a trilogy? Huh. I never knew.

  9. I remember loving The Good Earth but I haven't read it since I was a high school sophomore...I want tell you how many years ago that was.

    BTW, I'm tagging you for the 8 Things meme. The details are on my blog, no obligation if you don't feel like it!

  10. Good Earth never really made it onto my radar until I started hearing about it earlier this year. I have a copy now. I guess I just have to read it. :-) I am glad you enjoyed it, Joy!

  11. I've never read this book either, but it's on the list. Maybe I can read for some future Classics Challenge.

  12. I haven't read this book but for about 10 years I have been trying to read a classic every year or so. I have had a mixed bag - good, boorring, and totally confused. :)

    Glad you liked this one.

  13. I have never read the Good Earth, I'm ashamed to admit. I read Pearl Buck's "The Living Reed" a number of years ago before a trip to Korea and was surprised at how much of the history and culture of Korea I learned for the novel

  14. Kookie ~ Hooray for us! We were actually on the same page with this one! :)

    Lynne ~ I only found that out when I was researching The Good Earth.

    Poodlerat ~ I agree...I'm not quite sure if slapping a "winner" title on a book is always a good thing.

  15. Suzi ~ I thought George did a great job.

    Booklogged ~ I hope your reread will be as enjoyable as the first.

    Carrie K. ~ Thanks. A book prize is always a good thing! :)

  16. Sam ~ I appreciate the tag Sam, but I decided to keep this a blog about books.

    Literary Feline ~ I think you'll like it. I look forward to your review.

    Framed ~ Unfortunately I didn't read it until after the Classics Challenge. It would have been nice to have a good read during that time. :) It'll be perfect for when you join another challenge.

  17. DebD ~ This is a good classic. Trust me...I am not a fan of them and this one did me well.

    Sage ~ No need for any shame! It is a good one though. I learned a lot, too. You might want to pick it up.

  18. i read this in high school and i loved it. and i kept craving rice while reading it.

  19. Soleil ~ Yeah most people read it then; I'm glad I finally got to it. :)


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