Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rafe Esquith
Personal Rating: 4.5/5
Yearly Count: 35

Hooray! Another great educational reference book! Mr. Rafe Esquith is a fifth grader teacher in Los Angeles. He strongly believes in filling and stretching the minds of children with worthwhile life skills and at the same time striving for excellence in himself and his students.

I found this book to be very inspiring, yet also a little annoying. Mr. Esquith shares his thoughts and ideas in such a way that he sounds a bit arrogant. I don't know how any author can write a book about such great suggestions, that have proved to be successful, without having an air of haughtiness, but I wish he had excelled in that arena, too.


  1. He could have used a little humility?

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  3. Carrie ~ YEP! :)

    Historia ~ Thanks, but I've decided to blog about books only. It's been fun to read everybody else's though. :)

  4. Oh, Joy, I'm thrilled you felt the same way. At one point I thought it was just me, but even in his Epilogue (the last pages) he's unkind to his peers. I was so mixed b/c I'm sure some of the ideas could improve classroom instrucion, but to make teachers read his constant yammering...

  5. Maggie ~ I felt the same way when I read your review. :) I vividly remember how much he lifted himself up, but as you pointed out, during that process he was putting others down...not good.


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