Friday, July 27, 2007

Non-Fiction Five Challenge

Erik Larson ~ BOiPod
Personal Rating: 3.75/5
Yearly Count: 63

This was an interesting blend of two separate developments: the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 and a psychopathic serial killer. There was an abundance of details relating to the Fair, which on occasion seemed tedious, yet interesting at the same time. The information given regarding the serial killer was weaved throughout and added an intriguing aspect to the time frame of the story.

I enjoyed learning about the World's Fair with its history of food, architecture, celebrations, people, etc. It was a fascinating time of growth and discovery.


  1. This looks like an interesting book.

    I was surprised to learn recently (after I have lived in places of 2 World Fairs 1962's Seattle and 1998's Brisbane, Australia) that World Fairs still take place, it's just now they are called Expos. It was in Hanover, Germany in 2000, Aichi, Japan in 2005, and will be in Shanghai in 2010.

  2. I read this for my book group and enjoyed it. But honestly, probably would have found much of the detail about the building of the fair more tedious, except one of my book groupers is an architect who gave us all kinds of background information on the architecture, and brought pictures to group. That really helped!

  3. I can't imagine doing this book on audio. I kept going online and to our encyclopedia to look up stuff that was mentioned. I liked that just about when I was getting tired of the fair building stuff he'd switch gears and go back to the Holmes story.

  4. I read this one last year and really enjoyed it. It led me to his next book which blended the invention of radio and a murder that took place in England, Thunderstruck. That one was also good, but a bit more tedious for me.

  5. This one almost made it to my final list for the Nonfiction Five Challenge, but in the end, it didn't make the cut. One of these days I'll read it. I am glad you enjoyed it, Joy! It sounds like something I'd definitely like.

  6. Nyssaneala ~ I wasn't aware of that either. They best advertise better. :) Although we now have the Olympics that draw from the world.

    Gentle Reader ~ Having an architect in the reading group would definitely be an asset to this book. How great for you! :)

    Suzi ~ Audio was the perfect choice for me. I would have never wasted the time reading it; I almost pitched it in the beginning due to its tedium. BOiPod allowed me to do other things as I listened. Also, there were only a few things that I looked up, the rest didn't compel me to do so.

    Sam ~ Even though ultimately I thought this one was very good, I feel no desire to read anymore of his current work. Although, I have seen very positive reviews.

    Literary Feline ~ This wasn't actually on my original list. It kind of fell into my lap, so ... I added it on.

  7. I read this a few years ago and enjoyed all the details about the World's Fair. It's too bad the White City is mostly gone. And I found the murderer to be a very chilling character. That part was very creepy.

  8. Framed ~ I'd like to know what's still there.

  9. I was hooked on this book, but I agree that the fair details were often tedious. Sometimes I just wanted to skim through to get to the "good" parts. But...I loved all the connections he made to history (well, duh, but you know what I mean). Thunderstruck, unfortunately wasn't as good...

  10. Trish ~ I definitely liked the "thriller" part of this book best, unfortunately it was true.


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