Monday, December 31, 2007

Challenged Year in Review

This post requires a Note of Apology to all those that hosted the following challenges. My comments lack my true emotions of appreciation and happiness that I have derived from each and every one of them. Frankly, I have just run out of steam. I have learned to NOT leave a final post to the end of the year. Please accept this as an apology and I won't let it happen again!

Winter Classics Challenge (5 books)

"Classics”. I still cringe even at just the thought of the word. I hadn't read many classics up until this challenge and wouldn’t have read them at all if it wasn't for this challenge. And . . . no surprise, it proved to be my greatest (in difficulty) challenge of all! However, having said that, I have to add that I’m very thankful for the challenge for two main reasons: I will never wonder about some of those classic titles ever again and my reading will be much richer now due to the understanding of the references to some of the classics I read. Another positive is that I wanted to broaden my horizons and stretch myself to read books that weren't normally in my reading diet. These fit the bill. Thanks for helping me to be more well-rounded, Booklogged! Even though I didn't like it, I really am glad I did it.

Chunkster Challenge (2 books)

This was another challenge that stretched me – or was supposed to anyway. I backed out on my original choice. It was beyond a "chunkster" in my mind, so I opted for 2 slightly over 400 page books. Why that works for me better than one book at 800 pages is still a mystery, but I’m not going to worry about it. There are plenty of books out there that are in my comfortable page range. One day when I have a desire to read a chunkster, I know where I can find them. Thanks Bookfool for helping me to stretch to over 400 pages! That's a start.

TBR Reading Challenge (12 books)
Hosted By: Mizb

This challenge was great. I was able to cross off twelve books from my TBR list that I’ve been wanting to read for quite some time. Woo Hoo! I look forward to doing the same in 2008. Thanks for hosting!
Birdman (Hayder)

Spring Reading Thing Challenge (3 books)
Hosted By: Callapidder Days

I actually read more than 3 required books for this one and 2 of them ended up on my Best of 2007! Can't go wrong with that. Thanks for the opportunity to snag a couple good ones!

Southern Reading Challenge (3 books)
Hosted By: Maggie Reads

My choices for this challenge proved to be quite pleasant. I never have chosen books for their location, so this was a new experience, one that I quite enjoyed. The atmosphere and general feeling of the Southern books has tweaked my sensitivity to settings and made me much more appreciative of descriptive writing. Thanks, Maggie!

Medical Mystery Madness Challenge (2 books)

This was familiar territory, so I decided to try two new authors. My choices both happened to be series, so I'll be reading more. Thank you for helping me find more series, Twiga! It was fun.

New York Times Notable Book Challenge (12 books)
Hosted By: Caribousmom

I was not happy with how this challenge turned out for me. It could have been that I didn’t choose my books very carefully or the NYT chosen books just didn't fit me. ??? This challenge has been broadened to the Notable Book Challenge and I will be participating in 2008. AND . . . I'm very excited about my choices. Thanks, Wendy, for expanding the challenge lists. I'm thinking I'm going to find success this time around!

Non-Fiction Five Challenge (5 books)
Hosted By: "Thoughts of Joy..."

I love non-fiction and came through this challenge with flying colors. My plan is to host it again in 2008.

By the Decade Reading Challenge (11 books)
Hosted By:

Coming up with a list of books was somewhat of a challenge, in and of itself. The books published in the earlier decades didn’t hold much promise for me, so it was a hit or miss. I had some classics in there, so those weren't too much fun either. Gratefully, I had 2 books that made it to my Best of 2007 list and I really enjoyed 2 other books as well. I am participating in this challenge again in 2008; however, knowing better, I have chosen some Newbery winners for the early decades. Thanks, 3M!

Book Awards Reading Challenge - Newbery (12 books)
Hosted By:

Choosing all Newbery Winners as my choices was excellent. I’ve been wanting to read my chosen books for as long as they have been published. I’ve seen them everywhere, including my own home and just never took the time to read them. It was wonderful reading or listening to my choices and have incorporated even more Newbery Winners into my upcoming challenges in 2008. Thanks again, 3M! I fared well.

2nds Challenge (3 books)
Hosted By: "Thoughts of Joy..."

Being introduced to so many new authors throughout the challenges was terrific. This challenge gave me a chance to read another book from an author that I had just discovered and enjoyed. My interest and intrigue in the author’s abilities were confirmed with my second reads and I will certainly continue with more. I hope to host this challenge again in 2008.

Christmas Theme Reading Challenge (3 books)

I read three relatively short books for this challenge and was pleased with my choices, but not overjoyed. I have never been a Christmas book reader and this challenge opened up more options for me. I even read more after I completed the challenge. Thanks!

Personal Genre Challenge (8 books)
Hosted By: "Thoughts of Joy..."

I definitely won't be touching this challenge in 2008! I had enough of venturing into new genres. Not to say that I won't try something here or there, but NO challenges for me. It feels so freeing to say that. Onward!


  1. Joy - You did great with all the challenges. I remember when you were reading the classics!

    I was thrilled with your Non-Fiction 5 Challenge and the 2nds Challenge. I'll be looking forward to them again in 2008.

    Have a wonderful new year, my friend.

  2. I'm SO glad that you are going to host the nonfiction five challenge again! I will definitely join this one!!!

  3. What a great way to summarize your challenges! Congratulations on completing so many challenges. I know how hard you struggled through the classics, and I really commend you for being able to do that one.

    I think for me the biggest challenge was sticking to reading lists. My choices were mostly books I suspected I would like and so that didn't make them very challenging in that regard.

  4. Lynne ~ Happy New Year to you, Lynne! And I remember you wondering what in the world you would do on your blog and look at you go! :)

    I don't have any non-fiction on my current lists, except for memoirs! The Non-Fiction Five Challenge will be needed and I'm sure I'll find plenty to read for the 2nds.

    Samantha ~ Great! I'll be happy to see you there. :)

    Literary Feline ~ Regarding Classics (or other genres that I don't care for), I really wish (and obviously try to force myself) that I liked them. Many people derive so much enjoyment from them and I look and say, "YUK!" Oh well. I'm not in want, I have plenty other books to read. :)

    Seeing other books that interest us and/or just not being in the mood for a certain book does cause a slight problem when we have chosen lists. Thank goodness for alternates! :)

  5. Congratulations on your challenge accomplishments! And thank YOU for hosting the 2nds Challenge. I really enjoyed that challenge!

  6. Your Non Fiction Five challenge and Nancy's one Chunkster were the only two challenges I actually muddled through last year.

  7. Bookinhand ~ Oh good, I'm so glad! I believe it gave us incentive to pick up a book we really did want to read, but kept getting sidetracked.

    Carrie K ~ I think those are great accomplishments! Especially the chunkster one...shudder.

  8. Great challenge wrap-up post!

    Thanks for hosting the non-fiction five and 2nds challenge. I enjoyed them. I normally don't like non-fiction, and I *loved* Wild Swans.

    I'm looking forward to The Only Road North!

  9. You did really well with your challenges last year! The Non-Fiction Five was a good challenge for me since I rarely read NF. I'm glad to hear that you'll be hosting it again.

  10. 3M ~ Hmmm, I don't remember Wild Swans. I'll have to take another peek. Glad that was a success.

    Tanabata ~ Oh good . . . hopefully that means you'll be joining us. :)

  11. I enjoyed the 2nds challenge...I intended to read 5 books, but only completed 4 of them, but it was great nonetheless.

    I'm looking forward to the Non-Fiction challenge, too! I already have a few books picked out for that one! Any idea of when that one will start?

  12. J ~ The Non-Fiction Five Challenge will probaby run the same time as it did last year - May thru September. So, keep an eye out for those wanna reads! :)

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the challenges. They are definitely helpful incentives.

  13. Joy, sorry I'm late with this! My technorati must be off! Thank you for participating! It is the participants that make the challenge and you added tremendously! Happy Reading in oh eight! :D

  14. Maggie ~ Are you going to host it again this year? If so, I'm in. :)


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