Friday, December 28, 2007

I've been planning on doing another A ~ Z Reading Challenge since I completed the last one in January, 2007. Now seemed like a good time, especially with all the wonderful challenges that have been presented. Being that many of us have joined several for the 2008 year, I'm thinking we will be able to just plug in authors and titles from existing challenge book lists to easily complete it.

All that's required is that you align the author's last name or the title of a book (excluding "the", "a", etc.) with its corresponding letter in the alphabet. Each author and title entry must be a different book. I will be working on both the author and title lists at the same time; however, you may complete the alphabet lists anyway that suits your fancy. The challenge last throughout the 2008 year.

If you'd like to participate and see other people's choices (especially for the difficult letters), I'll have a Mister Linky ready for January reads, but for now you can sign up below to indicate your interest.

A ~ Z
Reading Challenge
Author & Title

Mister Linky has been relocated. Please sign up for this challenge on its own blog here!


  1. Joy, I haven't ruled it out yet. I just need to look at my list to see what I would need to add. I'll definitely try to!

  2. I would like to join but I have one question. If I read a book by an author it can go on both lists or just one of the lists.

    If I read Atonement by McEwan can it go under M for author and A for title list?

    Thanks for the info.

  3. 3M ~ :) :) :)

    Kara ~ I've designed the challenge to be 52 books (each author and title entry must be a different book). However, if that's a problem (this is supposed to be fun) you could add a NOTE OF MODIFICATION on your post. Ultimately, I would prefer individual entries, but I'm flexible. :)

  4. Thanks - I just wanted to make sure I understood - 56 is good for me!! I'm going to join up!! :)

  5. I'm so excited about this one. I was hoping I could participate it in something like it this year. :)

  6. Hmmm - have to check my lists and ponder this one. Since you're doing it, I'm guessing it's OK to add books to the lists as we read them, rather than listing them all ahead of time?

    Last time I did this, I read the lists in Alpha order, so doing it randomly as I read the books is enticing.

    I'm not sure yet, but will check my lists of books I've already got scheduled for 2008 challenges and then see what's left blank.

    I may well be back to join.

  7. Of course I may decide to only join if you start titling your posts so I can track comments via co.mments. I have about 6 different "thoughts of joy" posts I'm tracking comments on that all have the same title - "Thoughts of Joy . . ." and I have a hard time figuring out what posts the comments relate to :-(

    Care to make a trade - I'll join if you title?


  8. Kara ~ Glad you're joining us! The maximum number of books required for this challenge would be 52. :)

    Becky ~ Oh yay! Glad I could help you out. :)

    Suzi ~ :) A trade, huh? Okay. Then we both start January 1. Agreed?

    The last time I did this I only read books that fit the alphabet (one right after another) for author and title separately. Being that there are so many challenges out there, I decided to do this over the full year. I thought it would be easier to record both lists randomly as they are read and fit. You are welcome to do it in whatever manner works best for you.

  9. I'm really looking forward to doing this challenge! :)

  10. I think I'm going to like doing this one!!!

  11. Joy, count me in on this challenge. I'm looking forward to it.

  12. OK - it's a deal ;-) I'll get a post written up and officially join the challenge. Looking forward to your post titles ;-)

  13. Joy,

    I decided to join after I looked over my lists and realized I could probably do it without a total overhaul. :-)

  14. I did a tally of the books I'm planning to read next year, and I have almost all the author and title slots filled! So I will be joining :) Do we need to post our list on our blogs or is a general post about the challenge OK?


  15. OK, I'm in! This looks like so much fun. I've just gone over my list of books for next year and it is very do-able for me.

  16. CCDPiper ~ Me, too!

    Samantha ~ I really enjoyed it the first time around. I'm thinking you'll like it. :)

    Susan ~ Okey Doke ... you're counted in!

    Suzi ~ Check out the new blog for this challenge. We will be able to see everybody's choices very easily this way.

    Christina ~ Good deal! It's nice when that happens. :)

    Ex Libris ~ Whatever works best for you. Although, linking your read books on the A ~ Z Reading Challenge blog will be great. :)

    Nicola ~ Yay...glad to hear it! We only have a couple more days to go!

  17. I *almost* achieved this for authors without trying in 07. This year my goal is to read 36 books, but I love this idea, so I might try to do some sort of combo of the two or just do the authors. "Y" author anyone?? :)

  18. Trish ~ Keep an eye out on the A~Z Blog and I'm sure you'll get some ideas. Last year I used Yarbrough and this year I'm using Yarrow. Yarrow wrote Puff the Magic Dragon! LOL I'm reading that for Celebrate the Authors Challenge, in which I chose all children's books. :)

  19. Anonymous11:22 PM

    hey i was wondering if i could join i thought i had already signed up but ...oops :[ i didn't but seems like a lot of fun!!!

  20. Alylovezu2 ~ Absolutely! Go here to sign up. :)


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