Monday, March 24, 2008

2nd Completed Challenge!

The Suspense & Thriller Challenge called for 6 different subgenres during 2008 and 6 more in 2009. I have completed the 2008 requirement, but will continue to add and broaden the subgenres throughout the year. This is my favorite genre, so the fun continues!

Thank you J. Kaye from J. Kaye's Book Blog for hosting this challenge.

Suspense & Thriller Challenge 2008/9 Reads:

A Thousand Bones (Parrish) ~ Crime
An Absolute Gentleman (Kinder) ~ Psychological
The Appeal (Grisham) ~ Political
If I Am Missing or Dead (Latus) ~ True Crime
Obedience (Lavender) ~ Conspiracy
Naked in Death (Robb) ~ Romance

I decided to complete this challenge in 2008 with the remaining six books:

Power Play (Finder) ~ Corporate
The Apprentice (Gerritsen) ~ Medical
Odd Hours (Koontz) ~ Supernatural
Forty Words for Sorrow (Blunt) ~ Serial Killer
Down River (Hart) ~ Drama
Big City Bad Blood (Chercover) ~ Mob

Here is my original list of books with links to my thoughts.

An Absolute Gentleman (Kinder)
Down River (Hart)

Least Favorite:
Obedience (Lavender)
Odd Hours (Koontz)


  1. I bow down to you, Queen Joy of the Reading Challenge Realm!

    Another challenge I'm super freakin' excited about...and yet haven't read book one for yet. I'm not quite hopeless, but I'm on the verge...

  2. Debi ~ LOL You have been having fun with the fantasy and fairy tales, so give yourself a break! I really am glad that you have found much pleasure in those genres. I tried and it's just not for me. However, suspense and thrillers . . . love them! This challenge has been fun to mix up the type of thriller I read.


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