Friday, April 11, 2008


Karen Robards
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Published: 2008
Personal Rating: 4/5
Yearly Count: 48

I entered the drawing for this advanced copy of Guilty from because it fit a sub-category of the Suspense/Thriller Challenge. Since entering, I read Naked in Death (romantic suspense), so it wasn't necessary any longer. However, I ended up being selected to receive the book and felt obligated to read it. I'm happy to report: I'm glad I did!

Kate White is a single mother and an Assistant Prosecutor. She has worked hard to leave her past behind, but it reappears when shooting begins in the courtroom. As she tries to protect her reputation, others are trying to sort out the facts (and her involvement) in the courtroom disaster.

Guilty was a great introduction to the author Karen Robards. As a non-romance reader, but a lover of suspense, it blended the two successfully. The suspense had a few twists I didn't expect and chapter cliff hangers that enticed me to continue. The romance was definitely there, but it wasn't pervasive, making it an interesting addition to a suspenseful plot.

A few scenes and one character did not seem realistic, which caused me some disappointment, but for the most part it was an easy, enjoyable read.


  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I have an arc of this book too and plan to read it soon. Karen Robards started out writing strictly romance books, but in the past few years has migrated over to the romantic suspense category. I like her books and think she has done a good job of inserting mystery into her romances. I'll look forward to this one.

  2. Kay ~ I'm not a fan of romantic suspense, but the past two I have read have had good suspense/mystery stories tucked inside that I've actually enjoyed them. They have helped me see the genre in a different light - even though I don't see myself picking them up frequently. :) Hope you like it, too.

  3. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Your last paragraph sums up pretty much how I feel about this author. There are too many spots I have trouble believing to be true. Liked your review though!

  4. Anonymous8:27 PM

    P.S. Have you ever thought about getting one of those FeedBurner widgets so that people (like me) can sign up and get a notice when you post on your blog? :)

  5. J. Kaye ~ It my understanding that this may be one of her better works, so I got a good one. :)

    I use Google Reader to get a notice when someone posts on their blog. What do you use? I just use the bloggers address to subscribe. Am I missing what you mean?

  6. Anonymous3:32 PM

    I use a FeedBurner widget in my right sidebar. Some of the blogs I read have this. I've never heard of this Google! Let me check it out and see if I can figure out how to use it. :)

  7. J. Kaye ~ I asked you this in another response, but . . . did you check into Google Reader? It's very easy to use and you can be updated on as many blog sites as you want.

  8. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Yes! :-D I think I am liking this better. I still need more time to play with it, but so far it's easier!

    Thank you!!

  9. This sounds like a book that I would enjoy. And I've been wanting to read more by this author so thanks for the recommendation!

  10. Samantha.1020 ~ I hope you love it! :)


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