Thursday, April 24, 2008


Sarah Dessen
Genre: Realistic YA Fiction
Published: 2006
Personal Rating: 4/5
Yearly Count: 55

During a party at the end of the school year, Annabel finds herself in a precarious situation. It causes her to be ostracized and she does not look forward to school beginning in the Fall. If the storyline sounds familiar, you have probably read Speak (Anderson). Don't let that deter you from picking this up. They may have the same message, but they are different.

Just Listen goes beyond the thoughts of her main character and delves into her family and friends as well. Dessen's characters experience the struggles, joys, hopes and disappointments that life can bring within pertinent topics. They were so realistic and well-developed that you can't help but like and care about them. Young adults could greatly benefit from the many messages that are brought to light. I thought this was a very good read. Dessen's work is on my radar.


  1. I've been seeing "Speak" a lot lately--I think probably first on your blog. I'll have to check this one out with my step-sister (grade 10) in mind...

  2. Gee, you've read 54 books already and the year is not even half over. You're on fire!

  3. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Sarah Dessen's books are very popular at our library. I keep meaning to read one. Maybe someday soon. This one sounds good, but I was one who did like SPEAK so we'll see.

  4. Thanks Joy - I always enjoy your YA reviews, I like the genre but don't know much about it. This one's going on the list. 'Speak' is already on it!

  5. Sounds good Joy. Thanks for the review!

  6. Trish ~ Perfect! :)

    Booklogged ~ I'm very grateful for the time that I've been able to listen to books. It has been so much fun!

    Kay ~ Do you work at a public library or a school library? I thought Speak was just okay (3/5). This one was more well-rounded and in general, I think I like Dessen's writing style better.

    Joanna ~ I hope you enjoy them both! :)

    Samantha.1020 ~ It was good. I hope to pick up more by her.

  7. my 17yo daughter has read some of Dessen's books, although i'm not sure if she's read this one. i'm going to have to get to it at some point. thanks for the review!

  8. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Joy, I work in a branch of my city's public library. We are a very busy branch and have lots of teens stopping by.

  9. Alison ~ If I remember correctly, you really liked Speak, so you'll probably like this one, too. I look forward to reading more by her.

    Kay ~ What a great job you have! :)

  10. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Joy, I love my job. It is the best thing ever for me. Sometimes I marvel that I get paid to be around books all day!

  11. Kay ~ It's a wonderful thing when you can get up every morning and look forward to what you will be doing during the day. :)

  12. I've never heard of this author, but her book sounds really good.

  13. Framed ~ Oh! Even though this is the first book I read by her, I know that she has many and a great following. I enjoyed her style and am hoping her others are along the same lines. I have another one by her in the wings. :)


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