Friday, July 04, 2008


Author: L. M. Montgomery
Genre: YA Fiction
Published: 1909
Personal Rating: 3.75/5
Yearly Count: 90

This sequel to Anne of Green Gables finds Anne learning the ropes as a school teacher and Green Gables inhabiting some little people. As Anne remains bestfriends with Diana, new friendships blossom with old and new neighbors. And - Anne's dreaming never ceases.

I found this sequel to be a little less enjoyable than the first. I like Anne and the rest of the characters and will eventually continue with the series, but I wasn't drawn to her as I was before. Maybe it's because she's growing up and acting more mature while I was anticipating more of the younger Anne - I don't know, she did have some impulsive moments. Anyway, I'll be more prepared for the next book.


  1. I enjoyed the first one, but Anne Of Avonlea is the one that got me hooked on the series.

  2. Anne certainly calms down, but because she is such a kindred spirit to others who are more impulsive means she is always surrounded by 'characters'.
    And the love story! That's my favorite part. I love once Anne calms down and then the romances start.
    I hope you keep reading my Anne.

  3. Bybee ~ Really!?! I was expecting something different, so it was a little disappointing. However, I still enjoyed it. I hope I get hooked with the next one. I want to love this series. :)

    Raidergirl3 ~ Thank you for the encouragement. It really does help. I will continue, but with the thought that Anne is verging on adulthood. (I believe at the end of this book she was 17.) This is a prime example of how expectations can play havoc on the rating of a book. :)

  4. I only read Anne of Green Gables. But I did see the movie sequel, so I'm a little familiar with the story.

  5. I read the whole series once or twice when I was in my early high school years. I loved every book! I think I might have read them once again when I was a young adult and loved them again. Last year I reread the first one and it just didn't have the same appeal it did to me before. I'm really bummed about that! But I hope to reread the whole series again sometime soon.

  6. I love Anne of Green Gables and my daughter read all the Anne's and loved them too. Fun reading!

  7. I've read and loved all of them and I thought it got better - don't stop anyway! :-)

  8. I love Anne of Green Gables! I will have to check this one out!

  9. I LOVED these movies growing up and was a little disappointed with the first book and haven't read any of the others. I'm thinking maybe I need to revisit Anne again and give her another try.

  10. John ~ I haven't seen any Anne movies. I may have to do that.

    Eileen ~ Wow! I'm not a rereader - at all. I hope when you do pick them up again, you enter into a delighted state. :)

    Kya ~ I'm more prepared for the next book. She does grow up! lol

  11. Joanna ~ Thanks for the encouragement! I'll continue, but not right away.

    April ~ There are many more to follow, so I hope you enjoy it.

    Trish ~ I had several of the books growing up, but never read any of them. Never paid any attention that there were movies either. I think I'd like to watch Anne of GG.

  12. Oh, the movies are wonderful!! I believe there were 4 in the series that I watched--but they are on Beta (yes, Beta) so I haven't watched it in years.

  13. I plan to read this for the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge. It will be interesting to see how my rating compares to yours.

  14. Trish ~ One thing I don't like about movies is that they take up reading time. I'll have to make room for at least one, though. :)

    Teddy ~ Well, as it goes, many people like this one better than the first, so you'll probably be there, too. I know it was a mind game for me. I hope I enjoy the rest more.


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