Thursday, October 30, 2008


Author:  John Hart
Genre:  Southern Fiction
Published:  2007
Personal Rating:  4.25/5
Yearly Count:  139

Adam Chase returns home to Salisbury, North Carolina, after 5 years of trying to forget his past.  The homecoming was not welcoming and Adam continues to feel the hate.  A murder in the community is where the hatred stems - Adam was accused and acquitted, but the community has not forgotten or forgiven.  He also discovers many changes in his family and friends - some devastating and some heartwarming.

This Southern story is one that I saw play out before my eyes - just like a movie, right from the start.  I was very engrossed and could picture it all.  Hart knows the South and he tells it well.  My only complaint is that it was a tad bit soap opera-ish.


  1. I love books that you can see the story while you read.

  2. Yeah the soap-opera-ish books can get tiring after awhile but they're good every once in awhile. I'd probably like this one.

  3. Mary ~ This one was very vivid for me. I've been really taken with Southern stories this year. It's been fun.

    Ladytink ~ It was really good, Ladytink. I didn't feel like writing up much about it at the time I posted, but there is a theme or moral to the story, too. I'm glad I read/listened to it.

  4. I usually don't read a lot of Southern Lit because it's not much of an escape (living, as I do, in the Deep South) but you've made this one sound fabulous. Thanks!

  5. I remember my mom mentioning this book but I didn't get it for her because at the time it was hardcover and she doesn't like those. It does sound like a very good story-glad you liked it.

  6. I really enjoy southern lit and I like when an author can paint a very clear picture--Glad you liked it despite the drama.

  7. Bookfool ~ I can see your point. Southern lit really has been a delight for me this year.

    Dar ~ I prefer hardcovers because they can stay nice looking. :)

    Trish ~ The "drama" was more towards the end, so it didn't ruin the whole book.

  8. I like hardcovers too Joy. My mom has trouble holding them so she likes the paperbacks. I like the newer paperback copies though-you know the bigger style, not those small type paperbacks.

  9. Dar ~ Yeah, that is the major complaint of hardcovers and I do understand, but I still like them better. :) I agree with you regarding the trade size paperbacks (I think that's what most people call them???) I do not like those chunky mass paperbacks at all! I think I still have 2 on my bookshelves and I'm trying to replace them with hardcovers. :)

  10. This sounds interesting. Great review!

  11. Samantha.1020 ~ It's a good Southern story.


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