Friday, October 03, 2008


Author:  Janet Evanovich
Genre:  Chick Lit Mystery
Published:  2007
Personal Rating:  2.25/5
Yearly Count:  130

A request from Ranger sends Stephanie Plum into her ex-husband's (Dickie Orr) law office and naturally ends up in an explosive argument.  When Dickie is found to be missing, Stephanie becomes the prime suspect, but that doesn't slow her down as she continues her job as a bounty hunter.

The slope of this series is very slippery now, and I'm not sure I even want to try to hold on.  The main plot was - whatever, and the subplots were senseless.  I accepted the differences in the main characters  (i.e.: Ranger talks - a lot) as possible maturing processes, but I could not accept the language.  It was well beyond acceptable and not funny.

To satisfy a need to finish the Series Challenge (personalized), I may give Fearless Fourteen a go and hope for the best, but it's too soon to tell.  Right now, I'm extremely disappointed.


  1. I was in a good mood when I wrote my post and tried to ignore the bad things but I agree. There was a lot that was wrong with the book.

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I read this one awhile ago...can't remember much about it but I am fairly certain I enjoyed it...but perhaps not as much as the others since I can't remember ;)

  3. Anonymous9:18 AM

    P.S. Thanks for reminding me to do my commenter thank you post - I read yours and I thought's already October!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I've heard that about this series - but I guess that's bound to happen with so many books involving the same characters. I've heard #14 is pretty good. I'll be reading #7 this month.

  5. Yeh, I know these books are pretty senseless but for me they are just fluff-I really don't expect anything from them other than to be amused for a while. A lot of people are feeling as you are but I'm still going to keep with the series.

  6. I need to get around to this series someday. I hope 14 is better for you--is it going to be the last in the series or is she still writing?

  7. Ladytink ~ Mood makes a difference. I apparently wasn't in a good one. lol

    Danielle ~ I really think I'm tired of the same old thing, then it took a turn for the worse. The language was awful.

    Mary ~ I heard the same thing about #14, that's why I'm considering giving it a chance.

    Dar ~ I think that's the problem - they are not amusing me anymore. I guess I have a shorter threshold for senselessness. :)

    Trish ~ It's my understanding that she's still writing. If it were my choice - I'd say, "Wrap it up!"

  8. I gave up on this series around book 10 or 11. I loved the Grandma Mazur and Lula characters because they are so funny but I just don't see any progression in character development or plots. I hope you do enjoy 14 better!

  9. Iliana ~ I agree with you - no progression! However, Evanovich would disagree. There are interviews with her at the end of the books (on CD) and she feels like Stephanie is evolving along with other characters. Whatever.


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