Saturday, March 01, 2014


Author:  Tami Hoag
Genre:  Thriller, Oak Knoll Series #3
Published:  2011
Personal Rating:  3.25/5 (just okay +)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Kirsten Potter
Yearly Count:  20

A child was abducted and never to be seen again.  The family (and police) have a clear suspect, but they don't have any hard evidence.  Each individual family member handles their grief in different ways as they seek to find peace.  

I was getting bored of the constant reference to the mom's anguish.  I can sympathize with her sorrow and suffering, but telling me over and over was redundant and annoying.  The storyline did keep me interested, but there were too many graphic s*x scenes for my liking.  My preference is no details, thank you very much.  Overall, it was an interesting story, but too much of this and that. 

Thoughts of Joy 


  1. I used to read a lot of Hoag, but it's been years.

    1. Stacybuckeye ~ Whenever I think of Hoag, I remember Kill the Messenger. I LOVED that book. It just hit me at the right time and place. I made everybody around me read it. :) I heard Ashes to Ashes and the next one are terrific, too. I have them, but haven't read them . . . yet. Have you read those?


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