Sunday, January 10, 2016

Read-Along: A Little Life #1 / 20

Welcome to the first informal chat of A Little Life (Yanagihara).  There is no particular plan or guide we are following.  Just chatting about what we just read.  However, you are welcome to throw out any questions that are pertinent to the chapter we have just finished (per the schedule) or have chatted about previously.  I will add them to the home post for everybody to see what is being discussed in the comments.

Today's Chat is on Part 1:  Chapter 1

Just to get us started, I will throw out these basic questions:
(the questions are just prompts to get a conversation going, you may answer them or just share your thoughts)

1.  Who are the main characters and how would you describe them?

2.  Do the characters seem realistic?

3.  What is the setting?

Let's get the chat started!  :)

UPDATE:  We are currently chatting via email.  There will be no further posts or comments here.  If you are interested in joining us, please let me know.

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