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Author:  Linwood Barclay
Genre:  Thriller, Promise Falls Series #2
Published:  2016
Personal Rating:  3.25/5 (just okay +)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/O'Neill & Zeisier
Yearly Count:  31

From NetGalley:
After the screen of a run-down drive-in movie theater collapses and kills four people, the daughter of one of the victims asks private investigator Cal Weaver to look into a recent break-in at her father's house. Cal discovers a hidden basement room where it's clear that salacious activities have taken place—as well as evidence of missing DVDs. But his investigation soon becomes more complicated when he realizes it may not be discs the thief was actually interested in....

Meanwhile, Detective Barry Duckworth is still trying to solve two murders—one of which is three years old—he believes are connected, since each featured a similar distinctive wound.

As the lies begin to unravel, Cal is headed straight into the heart of a dark secret as his search uncovers more startling truths about Promise Falls. And when yet another murder happens, Cal and Barry are both driven to pursue their investigations, no matter where they lead. Evil deeds long thought buried are about to haunt the residents of this town—as the sins of the past and present collide with terrifying results.

Barclay is a comfort read for me.  I know I will enjoy whatever he writes to some level.  Unfortunately, this series (or trilogy) has not been my favorite.  There are waaaaaaay too many characters and storylines for my liking.  If I had read it, it may have gelled a bit more, but listening to it . . .  I really had a difficult time keeping everybody and their connections straight.  I will definitely read more in this series (or trilogy) to see it to its conclusion, but I am really looking forward to another standalone.

Thoughts of Joy

My thanks go to Berkley Publishing Group and NetGalley for providing me with the eGalley.


  1. I also find it hard to keep lots of characters straight with audiobooks, but I keep listening to them!
    I'm such a visual learner - seeing the name of the character is usually all I need. Sometimes after finishing a book I can't remember the name of a character, but I've read it through the whole book.

    1. Raidergirl3 ~ Hi! :) I get it. I'm much more of a visual learner as well.


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