Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Author:  Alan Jacobson
Genre: Mystery, Karen Vail Series #2
Published:  2009 
Personal Rating: 3.5/5 (good)
Format: Audiobook 
Yearly Count: 26

On vacation in California to unwind and de-stress, Karen Vail finds herself in a wine cave with a dead body. Unable to control her natural instincts to catch the killer, Karen inserts herself into the case. 

This was my first Jacobson, and I was a tad bit underwhelmed. I was really anticipating something gripping, and it wasn't. It is the second in the series, so I could have missed some vital info from the first, but I think it should have been strong enough without it. It had a cliffhanger ending, so naturally I'm left wondering, but unfortunately, I don't have a stronger desire to pick up the next book.  Wish I did!


  1. I love your honest thoughts...doesn't sound like one i'd want to read!

    1. Staci ~ This one seemed like a typical mystery series that's good to get to know the main characters in order to enjoy it fully. Could be wrong, but that was my experience with this one.


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