Saturday, March 28, 2015


Author:  Andy Weir
Genre:  Sci-Fi, Standalone
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  3.5/5 (good)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/R.C. Bray
Yearly Count:  20

The botanist/engineer member of the Mars mission, Mark Watney, gets stranded on the planet after a dust storm.  

I think I'm the only person on this planet that doesn't think this book is out of this world.  :(  I almost gave up after the first 30 minutes or so, but knew there had to be something more coming (because of all the hype), so I made myself continue on.  One of the greatest adjustments I had to make was to listen differently.  I did not need to follow every ounce or degree or whatever else he was trying to figure out.  The details didn't matter.  Thank goodness, because there were billions of them!!!  

In general, I liked the basic storyline, but overall, it was just "good."  Mark and his quips saved the day.

Thoughts of Joy

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Author:  Lene Kaaberbol & Agnete Friis
Genre:  Fiction, Nina Borg Series #2
Published:  2012
Personal Rating:  2/5 (not enjoyable)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Katherine Kellgren
Yearly Count:  19

From NetGalley:
Red Cross nurse Nina Borg hunts for the source of a mysterious illness spreading through a small community of Hungarian refugees.

I didn't care for this book very much.  However, I think it had more to do with the audio version than the actual book.  The narrator yelled a lot.  She raised her angry voice and sped up her reading when something was "happening."  Drove me nuts!  There was also many repeats of phrases.  I don't think that was purposeful, though.  Nonetheless, it was annoying.  As for the storyline . . . eh . . . that didn't grip me much either and there was lots of foul language.  Not a pleasant listen in the least.  Don't think I'll be continuing with this series.  :(

Thoughts of Joy
My thanks go to Soho Press and NetGalley for providing me with the eGalley.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Author:  Dave Eggers
Genre:  Non-Fiction, Standalone
Published:  2009
Personal Rating:  3.5/5 (good)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Firdous Bamji
Yearly Count:  18

Zeitoun, a Syrian-American, stays behind after his family packs up and moves away from oncoming Hurricane Katrina.  After a week of daily communication, Zeitoun abruptly stops all contact.

I got a great sense of Zeitoun's surroundings and plight, but I tuned out a couple of times.  It wasn't necessarily boring, but maybe a little stagnant here and there (no pun intended) -- too drawn out maybe.  Other than that, it was interesting to live vicariously through Zeitoun in the terrible aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Thoughts of Joy

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Author:  Sarah Jio
Genre:  Women's Fiction, Standalone
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  2.5/5 (eh)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Julia Whelan & 
Cassandra Campbell
Yearly Count:  17

Jane was given a rare gift at birth.  She is able to see love.  Her predecessor has given her the task to identify the 6 different types by her 30th birthday.  She has a year to complete it or she will reap the consequences of failing the task.

This was not my kind of book; however, I did become invested in a couple of the relationships and wanted to know what would become of them.  Other than that, the basic idea of the book did not work for me.  It was unrealistic and a bit silly.  

Thoughts of Joy

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Author:  Karin Slaughter
Genre:  Thriller, Will Trent Series #7
Published:  2013
Personal Rating:  3/5 (just okay)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Kathleen Early
Yearly Count:  16

From NetGalley:
Will Trent is a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent whose latest case has him posing as Bill Black, a scary ex-con who rides a motorcycle around Macon, Georgia, and trails an air of violence wherever he goes. The cover has worked and he has caught the eye of a wiry little drug dealer who thinks he might be a useful ally. But undercover and cut off from the support of the woman he loves, Sara Linton, Will finds his demons catching up with him.

Although she has no idea where Will has gone, or why, Sara herself has come to Macon because of a cop shooting: Her stepson, Jared, has been gunned down in his own home. Sara holds Lena, Jared’s wife, responsible: Lena, a detective, has been a magnet for trouble all her life, and Jared’s shooting is not the first time someone Sara loved got caught in the crossfire. Furious, Sara finds herself involved in the same case that Will is working without even knowing it, and soon danger is swirling around both of them.

I think this series may have run its course for me. There wasn't anything necessarily wrong with this book, but I simply didn't care. I listened and went along for the ride, but the whole Sara and Will relationship does nothing for me, and Lena, well, I've never cared for her, so there really wasn't much left. Not sure what will come of this series and me. I'm guessing I'll continue, but I'm not drawn or eager anymore.

Thoughts of Joy

My thanks go to Bantam Dell and NetGalley for providing me with the eGalley.

Sunday, March 08, 2015


Author:  Lisa Genova
Genre:  Realistic Fiction, Standalone
Published:  2015
Personal Rating:  4.5/5 (excellent)
Format:  eBook
Yearly Count:  15

From NetGalley:
Joe O’Brien is a forty-four-year-old police officer from the Irish Catholic neighborhood of Charlestown, Massachusetts. A devoted husband, proud father of four children in their twenties, and respected officer, Joe begins experiencing bouts of disorganized thinking, uncharacteristic temper outbursts, and strange, involuntary movements. He initially attributes these episodes to the stress of his job, but as these symptoms worsen, he agrees to see a neurologist and is handed a diagnosis that will change his and his family’s lives forever: Huntington’s Disease.

Huntington’s is a lethal neurodegenerative disease with no treatment and no cure. Each of Joe’s four children has a 50 percent chance of inheriting their father’s disease, and a simple blood test can reveal their genetic fate. While watching her potential future in her father’s escalating symptoms, twenty-one-year-old daughter Katie struggles with the questions this test imposes on her young adult life. Does she want to know? What if she’s gene positive? Can she live with the constant anxiety of not knowing?

As Joe’s symptoms worsen and he’s eventually stripped of his badge and more, Joe struggles to maintain hope and a sense of purpose, while Katie and her siblings must find the courage to either live a life “at risk” or learn their fate.

Alice :: Alzheimer's       Joe :: Huntington's

What an eye-opening book!  Knowing many facts about the disease is one thing, but experiencing it through the O'Briens is another.  Lisa has a way of sharing her knowledge in a very personal, realistic and touching manner.  After only picking it up a few times, it zipped by, making it a very fast read.  There is a sense of suspense to it as well, but there were a couple of very poignant scenes that really make this a special book.

Thoughts of Joy

My thanks go to Gallery Books and NetGalley for providing me with this eGalley.

Friday, March 06, 2015


Author:  Ann Rule
Genre:  True Crime, Standalone
Published:  2013
Personal Rating:  3.5/5 (good)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Anne Twomey
Yearly Count:  14

From NetGalley:
Nestled in Puget Sound, Whidbey Island is a gem of the Pacific Northwest; accessible only by ferry and the soaring Deception Pass Bridge, it is known for its artistic communities and stunning natural beauty. Life there is low-key, insular, and the island’s year-round residents tend to know one another’s business. But when the blood-drenched body of Russel Douglas was discovered the day after Christmas in his SUV in a hidden driveway near Whidbey’s most exclusive mansions, the whole island was shocked. A single bullet between his eyes was the cause of death, but no one could imagine who among them could plot such a devious, cold-blooded crime. At first, police suspected suicide, tragically common at the height of the holiday season. But when they found no gun in or near the SUV, Russel’s manner of death became homicide. Like a cast of characters from a classic mystery novel, a host of Whidbey residents fell under suspicion.

 I thought this was pretty good.  It was a little cumbersome with characters and side stories, but it wouldn't be a book if it were a cut and dry type of case, right?  Even though, the ending was a little anti-climatic, and it wasn't all that compelling, I still enjoyed the process of solving the crime.

Thoughts of Joy

My thanks go to Gallery Books and NetGalley for providing me with this eGalley.

Sunday, March 01, 2015


Author:  Susan Elia MacNeal
Genre:  Fiction, Maggie Hope Series #3
Published:  2013
Personal Rating:  3/5 (just okay)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Susan Duerden
Yearly Count:  13

From NetGalley:
World War II has finally come home to Britain, but it takes more than nightly air raids to rattle intrepid spy and expert code breaker Maggie Hope. After serving as a secret agent to protect Princess Elizabeth at Windsor Castle, Maggie is now an elite member of the Special Operations Executive—a black ops organization designed to aid the British effort abroad—and her first assignment sends her straight into Nazi-controlled Berlin, the very heart of the German war machine. Relying on her quick wit and keen instincts, Maggie infiltrates the highest level of Berlin society, gathering information to pass on to London headquarters. But the secrets she unveils will expose a darker, more dangerous side of the war—and of her own past.

This series hasn't been a big winner for me, but I still want to continue it.  I think it's because it reminds me of Nancy Drew.  Maggie is the grown version of Nancy, but unfortunately, she's not much more sophisticated.  And, the storyline has so many coincidences that it becomes ridiculous at times.  However, like I said, I'm still drawn to it, so there's something good inside there.  :)

Thoughts of Joy
My thanks go to Bantam Dell and NetGalley for providing me with the eGalley.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Reads

Monthly - Yearly

Audiobooks:  3 - 10

Books:  0 - 0

eBooks:  1 - 1

New-to-Me Authors:  1 - 3

*Podcast:  0 - 1

**Short Stories:  0 - 0

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Author:  Camilla Lackberg
Genre:  Thriller/Patrik Hedstrom Series #1
Published:  2010
Personal Rating:  4/5 (very good)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/David Thorn
Yearly Count:  12

Returning to her hometown to take care of the family home, Erica discovers her childhood best-friend dead by suicide.  Patrik, a childhood friend, is the detective on the case.

Since finishing this book, I have read many reviews.  I do agree, there were many things not so good about it; however, I really liked it anyway.  :)  It did keep my attention, and I was very intrigued.  The audio version caused me a little bit of a problem in distinguishing names.  :(  I don't get along with accents very well, so on occasion I was confused in the beginning.  I definitely will be listening to more, though.

Thoughts of Joy


Thursday, February 19, 2015


Author:  Marcia Clark
Genre:  Thriller/Rachel Knight Series #4
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  4/5 (very good)
Format:  eBook
Yearly Count:  11

From NetGalley:
A Columbine-style shooting at a high school in the San Fernando Valley has left a community shaken to its core. Two students are identified as the killers. Both are dead, believed to have committed a mutual suicide.

In the aftermath of the shooting, LA Special Trials prosecutor Rachel Knight teams up with her best girlfriend, LAPD detective Bailey Keller. As Rachel and Bailey interview students at the high school, they realize that the facts don’t add up. Could it be that the students suspected of being the shooters are actually victims? And if so, does that mean that the real killers are still on the loose?

Another winner by Marcia Clark.  :)  I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and look forward to each new addition.  This almost received a 4.25/5 (very good +), but I think it went a little too far with the "surprises."  Although, they didn't surprise me.  I expected them.  I didn't know, but expected.  Despite that, I still love Marcia's writing style.

Thoughts of Joy

My thanks go to Mulholland Books and NetGalley for providing me with this eGalley.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Author:  Terry Hayes
Genre:  Thriller, Standalone?
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  DNF #1
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/
Christopher Ragland

I AM DISAPPOINTED.  Taking this book on (19 CDs!) was huge for me to even just get it from the library, let alone listen to it.  I did make it through 7 CDs, so I really did give it a go.  I just wasn't enjoying the format/style of writing or the storyline.  There were parts that gave me hope, but I couldn't waste my time anymore.  Time to say goodbye.  

Thoughts of Joy

Friday, February 13, 2015


Author:  Karin Slaughter
Genre:  Thriller, Will Trent Series #6
Published:  2012
Personal Rating:  2.75/5 (eh +)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Kathleen Early
Yearly Count:  10

A college student goes missing.  However, the book is more about Amanda Wagner, deputy director and supervisor/mentor of Will Trent.

This was my least favorite book in this series.  I may have enjoyed it more if I wasn't burnt out on the  back and forth in time strategy and the focus being on Amanda.  There were some mysteries solved surrounding Will's past, but that wasn't enough to keep me interested.

Thoughts of Joy

Monday, February 02, 2015


Author: Jeffrey Archer
Genre:  Fiction, The Clifton Chronicles #1
Published:  2011
Personal Rating:  3.5/5 (good)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Roger Allam & Emelia Fox
Yearly Count:  9

Set in England, Only Time Will Tell is a family saga revolving around the Clifton clan in the 1920s - 40s.

Saga.  Saga.  Saga.  That's what I had to remember as I began this book.  Once I had my head around the idea that it was going to be slow going, I was able to just listen.  Ultimately, I actually thought it was good, maybe even a little better than good.  AND, I'm not opposed to picking up the second in this mini-series.  I definitely have to be in the right mood to listen to this type of book, though.  

Thoughts of Joy

Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Reads

Monthly - Yearly

Audiobooks:  7 - 7

Books:  0 - 0

eBooks:  0 - 0

New-to-Me Authors:  2 - 2

*Podcast:  1 - 1

**Short Stories:  0 - 0

Friday, January 30, 2015


Author:  Liane Moriarty
Genre:  Women's Fiction, Standalone
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  4/5 (very good)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Caroline Lee
Yearly Count:  8

Trivia Night at the local school provides the backdrop for the culmination of several lives to explode, which all began during Kindergarten orientation.

Out of the three Moriarty books I have read, I enjoyed this one best.  However, I picked out the culprits AND the supposed "twist" from the beginning.  So, seriously, this book had no surprises for me.  Oh!  Yes.  There was one.  Minor, but there was one.  I was definitely engaged enough to want to continue listening and find out what really happened on Trivia Night.

Thoughts of Joy

Monday, January 26, 2015


Author:  Ron Rash
Genre:  Fiction, Standalone
Published:  2012
Personal Rating:  2.75/5 (eh +)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Merritt Hicks
Yearly Count:  7

Laurel resides in the Appalachian Mountains with her brother and lives a difficult life due to the perceptions of a birthmark.  Laurel becomes intrigued with someone she discovers in the woods.  That someone changes both of their lives forever.

I love Ron Rash's work, but this one was a bit of a disappointment.  His ability to create vivid scenery and atmosphere usually keeps me glued to another time and place.  This time I was bored.  The last 1/4 saved the book.

Thoughts of Joy

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Author:  Linwood Barclay
Genre:  Thriller, Sequel to No Time for Goodbye
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  2.75/5 (eh +)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Brian O'Neill &
Graham Winton
Yearly Count:  6

In the same neighborhood as the Archers, a retired couple is murdered for no apparent reason.  Soon after, the daughter, Grace, chooses to rebel against her parents and date a wayward boy.  Trouble ensues.

When I saw another Barclay book in audio that I hadn't listened to yet, I was a happy person.  He usually writes with a family theme and that's different from most other thriller books I read, so I enjoy the variety it brings.  Unfortunately, this one didn't work for me.  Can't say specifically, other than it seemed too far from reality.

Thoughts of Joy

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Author:  Josh Malerman
Genre:  Horror?!?/Apocalypic, Standalone
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  3/5 (just okay)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Cassandra Campbell
Yearly Count:  5

People going berserk has made it to the news.  Many times.  All over the country.  People need to protect themselves from the unknown.  Malorie is one of them.

This reminded me of Heart-Shaped Box (Hill) (Ahhhh!  Just realized they both have Box in the title), and I didn't like that one at all.  So, at least this one had something to keep me interested enough to finish.  However, there were times when I almost gave up.  It was so slow and boring.  The last 1/4 saved the book, and I have thought about it since putting it down.  That deserves a "just okay" for bringing it out of the dumps.  

I did not know what this book was about before diving in.  Had I known, I would had never picked it up.  I think this genre is ridiculous and not for me.

Thoughts of Joy

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Author:  Sophia Kinsella
Genre:  Chick Lit, Becky Brandon Series #7
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  2/5 (not enjoyable)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Claire Corbett
Yearly Count:  4

The Brandon family move to LA for a few months in order for Luke to deal with a famous client.  Meanwhile, Becky decides she wants to be a stylist to the stars and sets out to do just that.

UGH.  So sad.  In general, I do not care for chick lit, but for some reason this series has tickled me.  In the past, Becky's antics and just plain silliness made me at the very least . . . grin.  I'm not sure if Becky has run her course with me or if this just wasn't a winner, because I don't remember even grinning once.         

Thoughts of Joy

Friday, January 09, 2015

SERIAL (Podcast)

Author: Sarah Koenig 
Genre:  Non-Fiction Crime, Season One
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  4.25/5 (very good +)
Format/Narrator:  Podcast/Sarah Koenig
Yearly Count:  3

In Baltimore, 1999, a high school senior was murdered.  Her ex-boyfriend was convicted of her death, and as he sits in prison, he still maintains his innocence.  Koenig seeks the truth.

I really enjoyed walking through this story.  All my questions weren't answered to my liking, but most were addressed.  This was a great way to get realistic detective work without the gore that many books describe.  On the other hand, it is disappointing because it IS realistic and not all angles or events are clear cut.

There will be a Season Two with a new case later this year.  Can't wait.

Thoughts of Joy

Sunday, January 04, 2015


Author:  Hillary Jordan
Genre:  Dystopian, Standalone
Published:  2011
Personal Rating:  3.25/5 (just okay +)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/
Heather Corrigan
Yearly Count:  2

Due to Hannah's indiscretion, she has been chromed Red.  She spends her time figuring out how to navigate her new world.     

I had no idea where this book was going and was surprised at some of the paths it took.  There were times when I was engrossed and wanted to hear more, but other times when I was disconnected and could care less.  It was definitely not Mudbound quality and not necessarily a read worth recommending, but not a total disappointment.

Thoughts of Joy

Thursday, January 01, 2015


Author:  Michael Harvey
Genre:  Crime Fiction, Michael Kelly Series #2
Published:  2008
Personal Rating:  3.25/5 (just okay +)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Stephen Hoye
Yearly Count:  1

Michael Kelly is approached by his ex-girlfriend to look into her husband's coming and goings.  While doing so, Michael stumbles upon a dead body.  

This one was filled with too much political and historical nonsense for my liking; however, I still have interest in continuing with the series.  I've listened to #1 and #3, so I have now filled the gap with #2. 

Thoughts of Joy

New Beginnings

The year of . . . GOING BACK TO BASICS!

GoodReads 2015 Reading Goal???*  NOPE.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  Well, at the moment, that's how I feel about setting ANY reading goals.  I fell behind in February, 2014 and have been stressed out ever since because I couldn't get caught up (finally did in the nick of time with the help of graphic novels!).  Needless to say, it was not a pleasant reading year. :( Why? Why did I put that pressure on myself?  Stupidity.
Self-imposed stress is stupid. 

Because Plan A has been exhausted.  Here is . . . 

"Read whatever I want, whenever I want.  Period."

I think I can live by that.

All those NetGalley ebooks that I request will be read . . . IF I WANT TO!  All the Shelf-Awareness ARCs will be read . . .  IF I WANT TO!  All the unsolicited book offers will be accepted and read . . . IF I WANT TO!  Purchases, gifts, wins, suggestions, and all other books will be read . . . IF I WANT TO!

 There will be NO book that I will allow myself to read other than    . . . IF I WANT TO!

If I only read 25 books (random pick) this whole year, then that's fine with me.  I do not want ANY pressure, just excitement.  I want the joy of choosing and reading a book that I'm drawn to.  Easy peasy.  What a relief!  Who would have thought?

I'll leave you with this:

 There was one tidbit from Nora Ephron's book that has made me think.  Nora mentioned the idea of being "raptured" by books.  I think that is a really great word to describe when one is totally engrossed in a book.  You know, like when everything around you disappears, and you are transported elsewhere.  Then when you're interrupted (never fails!), you have to blink several times or gently shake your head to come back to the present.  What do YOU call that blissful event?  Unfortunately, it hasn't happened in my reading life as often as I would like.  I'm beginning to think that it's just the type of reader I am -- not necessarily the books that I read.  I know some people are lost in every book they pick up and others that read so lightly that nothing truly grabs them.

 What do YOU think?  What's the word(s) you use to describe being swept away in a book?  And . . . do you think it has more to do with the reader or the choice of books?

I hope your 2015 Reading Year is the best it's ever been!

Thoughts of Joy

*ADDENDUM:  I literally just set a GoodReads Reading Challenge Goal.  The reason I did it was because the badge is purple!  Yes, friends, that's the real reason.  : /  However, I made it so there will be NO pressure:  24 books.  I think I can handle reading and/or listening to an average of 2 books a month.  Oh dear.  What have I done?  Kidding.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best Reads of 2014

This year, I only have 13 books with ratings of 4/5 (very good) and above.  There's a new plan on the horizon to boost that number, though.  :)  These are my highest 4s:

1.  The Purity of Vengeance (Adler-Olsen) ~ Thriller

2.  Quiet (Cain) ~ Non-Fiction

3.  Me Before You (Moyes) ~ Women's Fiction

4.  In the Blood (Unger) ~ Psychological Thriller

5.  Madison Square Tragedy (Geary) ~ Graphic Novel

6.  Chasing Lincoln's Killer (Swanson) ~ YA Historical Fiction

December Reads


Monthly - Yearly

Audiobooks:  11 - 82

Books:  4 - 13

eBooks:  3 - 11

DNF:  1 - 1

New-to-Me Authors:  6 - 44

*Short Stories:  15 - 15

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Author:  Michael Harvey
Genre:  Crime Fiction, Michael Kelly Series #3
Published:  2010
Personal Rating:  3.5/5 (good)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Stephen Hoye
Yearly Count:  106

Michael Kelly, former police officer, now private investigator, is on the L when a woman is shot near him.    

Oops!  I accidentally skipped the 2nd in this series.  I have it, but thought I already listened to it.  Skipping over it didn't cause me any problems, though. 

This one was interesting for me, because I'm very acquainted with Chicago, and I recognized most of the street names, etc.  More times than not, having a connection with the setting has a positive affect on my reading experience, and this was no different.  The storyline remained interesting throughout, but I hope I develop more interest in Michael as I read more in this series.  I don't feel I know enough about him.

Thoughts of Joy

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Author:  Jussi Adler-Olsen
Genre:  Thriller, Department Q Series #5
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  3.5/5 (good)
Format:  eBook
Yearly Count:  105

From NetGalley:
All fifteen-year-old Marco Jameson wants is to become a Danish citizen and go to school like a normal teenager. But his uncle Zola rules his former gypsy clan with an iron fist. Revered as a god and feared as a devil, Zola forces the children of the clan to beg and steal for his personal gain. When Marco discovers a dead body—proving the true extent of Zola’s criminal activities—he goes on the run. But his family members aren’t the only ones who’ll go to any lengths to keep Marco silent . . . forever.

Meanwhile, the last thing Detective Carl Mørck needs is for his assistants, Assad and Rose, to pick up a missing persons case on a whim: Carl’s nemesis is his new boss, and he’s saddled Department Q with an unwelcome addition. But when they learn that a mysterious teen named Marco may have as much insight into the case as he has fear of the police, Carl is determined to solve the mystery and save the boy. Carl’s actions propel the trio into a case that extends from Denmark to Africa, from embezzlers to child soldiers, from seemingly petty crime rings to the very darkest of cover-ups.

 Bummer.  The first 4 books in this series I rated a 4.25/5.  This one did not quite make that status.  It took me 4 months to finish it, because it never fully drew me in.  I liked the Marco scenes, but not some of the unbelievable chase scenes.  I missed the natural shenanigans of Assad and Rose, but didn't like the camel references.  I didn't like the embezzler chatter.  All in all, it wasn't enough for me to enjoy the entire book.  A disappointment?  A little bit, yes.  But, I'm still eager for more Adler-Olsen.

Thoughts of Joy

My thanks go to Penguin Group and NetGalley for providing me with this eGalley.

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Author:  Stephenie Meyer
Genre:  YA Graphic Novel, Series #1
Published:  2010
Personal Rating:  3/5 (just okay)
Format:  Book
Yearly Count:  104

Yes.  This is THE "Twilight" book in a graphic format.

The graphic format made this a light version of the whole story.  I, surprisingly, enjoyed the first book in this series.  It was my introduction to vampires, and it explained the hows and whys, etc.  This book lacked any detail of any thing.  I understood what was going on, because I could fill in the holes.  Due to that, it turned out to be just okay, instead of a confused reader.

The best news . . . it has fulfilled my GoodReads 2014 Reading Challenge.  WOO!!!  

Thoughts of Joy

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Author:  Guillermo Martinez
Genre:  Psychological Suspense, Standalone
Published:  2007
Personal Rating:  3.5/5 (good)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/T. Ryder Smith
Yearly Count:  103

While a secretary's boss is on vacation, another author borrows her for a month.  Ten years later, she calls the borrowed boss with an incredible tale of deadly consequences. 

Goodness.  This one is difficult.  There's no doubt that I got deeply intrigued in the storyline; however, I wasn't thrilled with the telling, telling, telling.  There was just too much talk AT me.  The "He said - She said' theme was great, but the ending turned out to be unsatisfying.  :(  BUT, I enjoyed the ride getting there.

Thoughts of Joy

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Author:  Richard Stark
Genre:  Crime Fiction, Parker Series #19
Published:  2000
Personal Rating:  3.25/5 (just okay +)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Michael Kramer
Yearly Count:  102

Parker, a criminal, gets taken advantage of and is out for revenge.

I liked this a bit better than the last Parker book I read, but I just don't seem to like his character.  It was fine for a quick listen, but I won't be hunting for more.

Thoughts of Joy

Monday, December 22, 2014


Author:  Mary Kay Andrews
Genre:  Chicklit, Standalone
Published:  2003
Personal Rating:  3.5/5 (good)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Debra Monk
Yearly Count:  101

Mary Bliss McGowan's husband has cleaned out their accounts and disappeared.  She comes up with a way to survive.

I don't really think this book was "good" in the sense that I usually rate.  Odd.  I know.  However, I felt like it was a good 5-6 hours spent on keeping me company while I cleaned.  :)  My chores flew by without my mind wandering or bemoaning the fact that I was cleaning, and I got another book audioread.  That's a great deal.  

Thoughts of Joy


Author:  Nora Ephron
Genre:  Non-Fiction, Standalone
Published:  2006
Personal Rating:  2/5 (not enjoyable)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Nora Ephron
Yearly Count:  100

Nora shares her thoughts on topics experienced by women.

My experience with this book was not positive.  The reason being . . . the majority of the book was negative.  It's supposed to be humorous - speaking the truth (Nora's truth) about real life disappointments.  I was not impressed and didn't appreciate the 'gotta laugh or we'll cry' kind of humor.  I guess I just wasn't in the mood for it.

Thoughts of Joy

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Author:  Jeffrey Archer
Genre:  Fiction, Short Story Collection
Published:  2010
Personal Rating:  2.75/5 (eh +)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Gerard Doyle
Yearly Count:  99

And Thereby Hangs a Tale is a collection of fifteen short stories covering a variety of topics.

I really enjoyed about 5 stories, thought 5 were just okay and 5 couldn't keep my attention for anything.  My overall thoughts come out under just okay.  

Thoughts of Joy

Friday, December 19, 2014


Author:  Jane Austen
Genre:  YA Graphic Novel, Manga Classic Series
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  4/5 (very good)
Format:  eBook
Yearly Count:  98

From NetGalley:
Pride & Prejudice is delightfully transformed in this bold new manga adaptation. All of the joy, heartache, and romance of Jane Austen’s original, perfectly illuminated by the sumptuous art of manga-ka Po Tse, and faithfully adapted by Stacy E. King.

Pride and Prejudice.  Never read it.  Now I have.  I will not venture into reading the novel version, but I am so glad I finally know this story.  The graphics were incredibly detailed and fully developed the characters and their feelings.  It was a pleasurable read . . . backwards and all!  :)

Thoughts of Joy

My thanks go to Udon Entertainment and NetGalley for providing me with this eGalley.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Author:  Nathaniel Hawthorne
Genre:  YA Graphic Novel, Manga Classic Series
Published:  2015
Personal Rating:  3.5/5 (good)
Format:  eBook
Yearly Count:  97

From NetGalley:
A powerful tale of forbidden love, shame, and revenge comes to life in Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter.

Faithfully adapted by Crystal Chan from the original novel, this new edition features stunning artwork by SunNeko Lee (Manga Classics: Les Miserables) which will give old and new readers alike a fresh insight into the Nathaniel Hawthorne's tragic saga of Puritan America.

 I enjoyed the idea of reading a Manga style graphic novel again and found this one to be pretty good.  The graphics were done well, but nothing compels me to say it was any better than that.  I definitely love the idea of reading classics in this format.  That idea is a 5/5!  :)

Thoughts of Joy

My thanks go to Diamond Book Distributors and NetGalley for providing me with this eGalley.


Author:  Jerry Spinelli
Genre:  YA fiction, Sequel
Published:  2007
Personal Rating:  2/5 (not enjoyable)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Mandy Siegfried
Yearly Count:  96

Apparently this is the sequel to Stargirl, which I did not read.  Oops!  Anyway . . . Stargirl moves with her family and leaves behind her whole life.  It's written in epistolary style as Stargirl writes the longest letter to an ex-boyfriend.

I didn't enjoy this.  It didn't keep my attention, and I definitely didn't care for a character or two.  I just didn't buy in.  Maybe if I was a teen I'd enjoy it.  Who knows.  

Thoughts of Joy

Friday, December 12, 2014


Author:  Laura Lee Gulledge
Genre:  YA Graphic Novel, Standalone
Published:  2011
Personal Rating:  3.5/5 (good)
Format:  Book
Yearly Count:  95

Paige and her parents have moved to New York from Virginia.  Paige struggles with adjusting to a big city and all that a new environment brings.  Her love of drawing also suffers.

This had good insight into an artist's struggles (teen or not) and had interesting drawings.

Thoughts of Joy


Author:  Jerry Spinelli
Genre:  YA Fiction, Standalone
Published:  2007
Personal Rating:  2/5 (not enjoyable)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Suzanne Toren & Cassandra Morris
Yearly Count:  94

Both coming from sad home lives, David (9) and Primrose (13) become awkward friends.  

I didn't like this one starting from the beginning.  I imagine it's supposed to be realistic fiction and that did not ring true to me.  I also didn't like the narration.

Thoughts of Joy

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Author:  Mike Carey, Sonny Lieu & Marc Hempel
Genre:  YA Graphic Novel, Standalone
Published:  2007
Personal Rating:  3.75/5 (good +)
Format:  Book
Yearly Count:  93

Dixie, a martial arts enthusiast, gets wrapped up in her thoughts of true love around the time of a tournament.

I enjoyed this graphic novel.  I was interested in the storyline and artwork.

Thoughts of Joy

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Author:  Jerry Spinelli
Genre:  YA Fiction, Standalone
Published:  2009
Personal Rating:  3.5/5 (good)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Conor Donovan
Yearly Count:  92

Middle schooler Will Tuppence deals with life with his friends and family (mainly pesky sister).  

I enjoyed these characters; however, the storyline was pushed a bit too far towards the end.  This book is not intended for adult readers, so maybe the YA generation would accept and go with the flow easier than I did.  Despite that . . . still a good audioread.

Thoughts of Joy

Sunday, December 07, 2014


Author:  James Swanson
Genre:  YA Non-Fiction, Standalone
Published:  2009
Personal Rating:  4.5/5 (excellent)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Will Patton
Yearly Count:  91

Chasing Lincoln's Killer is a young-adult version of Manhunt.  Both are authored by James Swanson and both are fascinating.

Thoughts of Joy

Saturday, December 06, 2014


Author:  Dorothy Sayers
Genre:  Mystery, Lord Peter Wimsey Series #1
Published: 1923
Personal Rating:  3/5 (just okay)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/David Case
Yearly Count:  90

A male corpse is discovered in the bath tub of an architect. 

Hmmm.  This mystery concludes like a ridiculous (outlandish) comedy episode, but not humorous. 

Thoughts of Joy