Sunday, April 13, 2014


Author:  Carla Buckley
Genre:  Women's Fiction, Standalone
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  3/5 (just okay)
Format:  eBook  
Yearly Count:  30

From NetGalley:
Eve Lattimore’s family is like every other on their suburban street, with one exception. Her son Tyler has a rare medical condition that makes him fatally sensitive to light, which means heavy curtains and deadlocked doors protect him during the day and he can never leave the house except at night. For Eve, only constant vigilance stands between an increasingly restless teenage son and the dangers of the outside world.

Until the night the unthinkable happens. When tragedy strikes, it becomes clear that this family is not the only one on the quiet cul-de-sac that is more complicated than it appears. And as Eve is forced to shield her family from harm, there are some crises she cannot control—and some secrets that not even love can conceal.

Deeply moving and stunningly suspenseful, The Deepest Secret is a novel of rare power—a story about hope and forgiveness, about the terrifying ways our lives can spin out of control and the unexpected sacrifices that may save us.

I have a desire to like books outside of my preferred genres.  I am rewarded on occasion, that's why I continue to venture down these paths.  This book was another one of those strolls.  It turned out to have the makings for a soap opera; however, it wasn't as disappointing as The Husband's Secret (Moriarty).  It took me a long time to read it, because nothing kept me glued to the pages, but I never wanted to give up on it either.  It ended on a good note for me, so YAY!  :)

Thoughts of Joy

My thanks go to Random House and NetGalley for providing me with this eGalley.


  1. I'm okay with the soap opera once in awhile (Husband's Secret :)). I've seen this one around and have been curious about it.

    1. Stacybuckeye ~ I'm okay once in a while too, but apparently it wasn't this time. :)

  2. I just picked this up from the library yesterday. Will see how I feel about this!

    1. Christa ~ If you liked The Husband's Secret, you'll like it. If not, I don't think you'll be thrilled.


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