Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Authors:  Loic Dauvillier, Marc Lizano, 
Greg Salsedo
Genre:  Children's Graphic Novel, Standalone
Published:  2012
Personal Rating:  3.75/5 (good +)
Format:  Book
Yearly Count:  48

A grandmother shares a secret (Holocaust based) with her granddaughter about when she was a child of the same age.

I didn't realize that this was from the juvenile section, I thought it was just told through the eyes of a child.  Needless to say, I still read it and thought it was done very well for the age group intended (6 - 10 year olds).  It is a big story told with few words, but the illustrations speak volumes. 

Thoughts of Joy


  1. I love books like that even if they are written for kids.

    1. Bermudaonion ~ I was surprised to see "juvenile" on the binding. It's a tough topic to discuss with kiddos. This one was done well.

  2. Sounds like it might be a good introduction to the Holocaust for that age group. The Diary of Anne Frank would be a good follow-up for the next age group. I'll have to see if my soon-to-be 12-year-old granddaughter is interested in this one.

    1. Les ~ I agree. It comes from the little girl's perspective and how she feels when she's mistreated at school. I'm glad I read it.


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