Sunday, November 08, 2015


Author:  Jacqueline Winspear
Genre:  Mystery, Maisie Dobbs Series #11
Published:  2015
Personal Rating:  3/5 (just okay)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Orlagh Cassidy
Yearly Count:  60

Maisie, on her way home to England, decides to take a pit stop in Gibraltar and finds herself in the hunt for a murderer.

Oooohhhhh, this one disappointed me.  Right from the start, I didn't like the jump in time told mainly in letters.  I feel like I missed so much of Maisie's life.  More details emerge as the story continues, but . . .  Needless to say, I still enjoyed visiting with Maisie and hope that doesn't happen again.

Thoughts of Joy


  1. I've read one Maisie book and it didn't wow me so I haven't gone back to the series.

    1. Bermudaonion ~ I loved the first one!

  2. Totally agree! I almost felt like the last book was the end, and I think I would have been quite happy for the series to end there. I'm not sure I want to see Maisie once again, get over her heartbreak and start living her life. Either write the book where all the stuff happens in Canada instead of flashback, or let it be happy ever after. Big disappointment, this one.

    1. Raidergirl3 ~ Yep! I wonder what her thoughts were behind the book. Did she just want her to get back to cases with no personal life or what? I miss the people she worked with in her office, too.


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