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I'm working on creating a Challenge for Non-Fiction books, but I need your help! I have been thinking about this for a while and yesterday there was a discussion on the 2007 TBR CHALLENGE Yahoo site sharing some interest in reading non-fiction, so that gave me the push I needed to give this a whirl.

If you would be interested in doing a
5 Books/5 Months Challenge of Non-Fiction,
please let me know what you would prefer:

CHOICE #1: March - July
This would begin right after the Classics Challenge ends and would conclude after the Chunkster. Also, it still leaves some time for serious "Beach Reading".

CHOICE #2: May - September
Random choosing. It gives a two month break after the Classics before starting another Challenge, but goes through the summer.

CHOICE #3: July - November
This time-frame would be after the Chunkster Challenge and could be completed before the holiday rush.

OR...if you have any other ideas that might work, please feel free to share.



  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    I like the May to September time frame!

  2. When I first heard you mention this in the TBR Challenge group, I thought for sure there was no way I could participate in it. Seeing the options open and knowing you're plate is just as full as mine these next two months, think just maybe there's a chance I can!

    I think I'll cast my vote with Wendy's, May to September. It would be nice to have a break between the Classics Challenge and a Nonfiction one.

    Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Hmm - glad you're looking at later in the year - I'm challenge overloaded right now, but yes I'd be interested - particularly once the Classics Challenge is over. After that any of your time frame options look good. Could I count one of my Chunksters for this too?. I've got Theodore Rex on my Chunkster list already. I do like the one a month time frame - leaves me open for other reading at the same time.

  4. I like the idea too as well as the May through September. :)

  5. I think I prefer the May - Sep time frame the best, too. Five non-fiction in one year will probably be good for me, since I probably only average 1 or 2 per year.

  6. Chiming in with another May-September vote.

  7. I appear to be in the minority here, but July - Novemeber works best for me. If I may suggest as well, that you allow of the five, only 1 or 2 of them be memoir/biography max, as the market is so flooded with these at the moment a person could easily read nothing else and there are so many wonderful non-fiction books on other subjects... (take it as you will) ;)

  8. I am a disgrace...I misspelled November. A pox upon me.

  9. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Joy - count me in. I think I'd like May-September, but July-November would be good too. I like Kookie's suggestion that biographies be limited.

  10. This is GREAT! I will proceed with the planning being that we have a little group already. Now, as you come across non-fiction books you can look at them with different eyes and consider them for the challenge.

    Wendy ~ Thanks for voting.

    Literary Feline ~ I knew you could handle it! :)

    Suzi ~ One a month is enough for me too. Lapovers are fine with me, as long as there's no more than one or two.

    Lover of Books ~ Thanks for voting.

    Booklogged ~ Glad to stretch to you! :)

    Marcia ~ Thanks for voting.

    Kookie ~ Thank you for the suggestion. I tend to agree.

    Lynne ~ Thanks for voting.

  11. I'm voting July to November! :)


  12. I might do this as well. I already read a lot of psychology books because I'm a therapist...but I also got a couple of non-fictions for Christmas and I tend to avoid them. So this might be a good way to fit them in...After the Chunkster is all I care about....



  13. I'm open for whatever the group chooses, since this is my genre! :)

  14. Hi :) I'd love to join in. My choice is #2. Please don't limit the challenge to only 1 memoir/biography as non-fiction isn't my genre of choice. I'm like Lisa and tend to avoid them. I'll need suggestions on what to read. ;)

  15. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I'd love to join too. May-Sept suits me but anything is fine. It will give me a kick to read more nf since I tend to avoid them,

    Thanks for thinking of this Joy.


  16. Heather ~ Thanks for voting.

    Lisa ~ Yay, new books for a new challenge.

    Maggie ~ Glad you'll be joining us. :)

    Susan ~ Don't you'll get plenty of ideas. I bet they'll start popping up all around you. :)

    Kay ~ You're welcome, but it's my pleasure. :) Maybe you'll find out you like them more than you thought.

  17. Anonymous10:48 PM

    I'll definitely do it, but I have no preference on time frame. One of my resolutions was to read non-fiction, so this is perfect.

  18. May to September would work best for me.

  19. Look forward to the challenge. I think choice A sounds reasonable to me. I have another summer challenge that I invented for myself & M, since we are the only 2 crazy enough to do it so there is a personal bias on my part. A minor one ;)

  20. I vote July - November. But, I can do May- September too. Man, 5 will be challenge for me. But, I think I can got it! Especially with the ones I have added to my Amazon wish list...all from the TBR challenge conversation.

  21. Sara ~ I'm so glad this will work out "perfectly" for you. :)

    Fay ~ Thanks for voting.

    Nessie ~ I'm curious as to your summer challenge.

    Daydreamingmom ~ can do it! You can always choose short ones! :)

  22. I would love to do this as well!
    My preference would be the later date (July-November), but the May-September would work well too!
    No matter what the dates picked were, I think I'd be in anyway! =)

  23. I think May to September would preferable for me, but I probably can do either of them. I just need to dig through some of my stuff to find the non-fiction. Do you count biographies in non-fiction? Then I am good to go, I love biographies, travel reports and archeological books.

  24. I'm not a non-fiction reader. When I do read non-fiction it is usually biographies/memoirs. I'd love to participate and broaden my horizons. The July-November time frame is preferable for me, but I can do May-September as well.

    If any of you regular non-fiction readers would like to suggest something for someone that doesn't even know where to start with non-fiction, please do! My blog is if you'd like to leave a comment there.

    Thanks for organizing this, Joy!

  25. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I vote for May-Septemeber.

  26. May-Sept. sounds great to me!

  27. Hi Joy, this sounds great! I vote for May-September.

  28. Wow! I'm surprised to see so many more posts because of the blogger issues today. I'm glad you all were persistent. :)

    Brandie ~ Oh good...glad to hear it!

    Kucki ~ Kookie jar suggested limiting the biographies/memoirs due to the vast amount of great non-fiction literature out there. I'm seriously considering it, but wouldn't limit it to only 1 for sure. I would love to see this "broaden the horizons" of readers, but also be enjoyable. :)

    Shilo ~ See above. :) Also, being that the challenge date is heading towards Choice #2 or #3 you'll have plenty of time to get ideas. I was thinking of creating a post just for ideas for those that are stumped. As a basic starter, you can go to Barnes & Noble, non-fiction, recommended. There are oodles and oodles.'re welcome. It's already been my pleasure.

    Cheryl ~ Thanks for voting.

    Carl V ~ I've seen you around, but don't recall you stopping by. Glad you did and thanks for voting.

    Ex Libris ~ I'm glad you like it. :)

  29. Joy, I am very partial to non-fiction books so I am so glad you initiated this challenge, thank you! I would prefer July-November but it does seem like May-September is the preferred time period for the challenge. Majority rules, I'll be happy with either one.

  30. I like the May-September Choice - gives me time to come up with the required 5 non-fiction books

  31. Anonymous6:09 AM

    May to September sounds good as it doesn't over lap too muchw itht he Chunkster Challenege (and I've been a bad book person and not inluded any of the epically proportioned non-fiction books I own in that challenege).

    Can I just say great idea I ahve so many non -fiction books I will never get to without a push.

  32. Well, I could've sworn I voted, but I don't see my comment anywhere, so I'll try again. (Sigh. Gritting teeth at Blogger!)

    I vote for #2 (May-September).

    Thanks for organizing this new challenge, Joy. I have TONS of nonfiction I want to read. Why do I always need an incentive to do so, I wonder?

  33. Lotus Reads ~ So glad you'll be joining us.

    Sally ~ Yes, it does give us some time to get prepared. Have fun searching!

    Anonymous ~ Glad to be the push you need. :)

    Les ~ The same thing has happened to me. One day I 'thought' I posted on 3 different blogs and the next day...they weren't there. Odd! I'm glad you stopped by again to double check. I wouldn't have wanted you to miss out, especially when you have many you want to read!

  34. I think this would be great. July through November would be great for me because I have so many other things going on right now. This could be great!!!!

  35. Well since I'm new to the book blogging scene and I'm dying to get in on a challenge :-) I vote for starting in March! Whenever it starts though, count me in!

    Love your blog! I'm in the process of making a list of blogs to link to from mine, can I put a link to yours? Thanks!

  36. Emily ~ Thanks for voting. I think it will be great. :)

    Eileen ~ Welcome to the blogging! There are many of us that are in three challenges right now: Winter Classics, Chunkster, and 2007 TBR (To-Be-Read). I know you could still join the TBR one up to Jan. 31.

    I'd be honored to be linked to your blog. Thank you. I'll be right over to visit you there. :)

  37. I vote for #2. Please don't limit the biographies or authographies. I really enjoy them. I'll hold onto "1776" and "The Last Gentleman Adventurer" until this challenge starts, but Barack Obama's book may not wait that long. Oooh, I'm getting excited.

  38. Already working on my list of possibles. Many of them are either biographies or some sort of history - can't help it. I really wanted to major in History in college :-)

  39. Hi there,
    I am a new blogger and just joined the 2007 TBR challenge today. I would be interested in joined your nonfiction 5 too. The best time for me would be in May-September too. I have also linked to your page because I have enjoyed it so much. Please let me know if that is a problem.

  40. Framed ~ From my perspective, this challenge is to get readers out of the "fiction-rut", not tell them what to read.

    Suzi ~ A wanna-be history major, huh? At least it's an area that you can still pursue on your own. I think I have a list of 10 possibilities already!

    Amy ~ Welcome to the blogging world! Oh problem with the link. I'm honored. Thank you. :)

  41. Hi Joy,
    I started Sister of My Heart last night(wonderful so far) but I would be more than happy to set it aside until you are ready to read it. I love reading and comparing notes.

    I need to get started on my classics anyway. :) Just give a shout when you are ready to read it and thanks for the link!

  42. Amy ~ I'll leave a message on your blog.

  43. I can't believe I was even able to open this comment page! The challenge sounds wonderful, but I'm with those who mentioned being "challenged out" right now. Later is better.

    The idea of limiting the number of biographies strikes me as a little strange; I guess I don't understand the reasoning. There's certainly a wide variety available and it wouldn't necessarily be overly repetitious to read a string of memoirs.

  44. I've already put by three non-fictions ready for the challenge whenever it might be:

    1. Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise by Ruth Reichl

    2. Grumpy Old Women by Judith Holder

    3. The Worse Jobs in History by Tony Robinson

    The remaining two I will wait until it is up and running and see what everyone else suggests :)

  45. Bookfool ~ Nice to see you! :) I have strongly considered the suggestion of limiting biographies/memoirs due to the vast amount of non-fiction work available; HOWEVER, this is not school and I don't want to put unnecessary restrictions on anybody's personal book selections. Therefore, when I post the results of the vote, I believe I will "strongly encourage" participants to choose a variety or at least one book outside of their comfort zone (whether it be memoirs or self-help or history, etc.). I am about seeing others "grow" and "broadening their horizons", and that goal may be met just by those that are picking up a non-fiction book in the first place. :)

    Sally ~ Hooray for you! You've got a great start for your list of non-fiction reads. I look forward to seeing everybody's ideas. I'll begin that post after the date has been determined.

  46. Okay, I see the point of reading outside your comfort zone to broaden horizons. I guess I'm unusual in that there's next to nothing (apart from horror and true crime - and I've read those, but couldn't take the nightmares) that I won't try. So, I read a pretty broad variety, anyway. :)

  47. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I found you via Bookfool's blog and I'd love to join the Non Fiction 5 Challenge. May-Sept or July-Nov works better for me too, I'm challenge heavy early this year and it's also my busy season at work.

  48. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Hey fellow Yahoo BookCrazy! I would love to participate, and I would vote for the May-Sept. challenge dates.

    I made a reading goal this year of trying to up my non-fic reading to 25% of my overall books read, so this challenge will really help me meet that goal!

  49. I just received an order from B&N and there were three non-fictions in it. I'm surprised at myself. So I have seven unread books that qualify for this challenge. I'm getting excited.

  50. Carrie ~ Glad you found me. Thanks for voting.

    Alisia ~ LOL! Glad to be of help. :)

    Framed ~ Good for you! I'm excited, too.

  51. One of my goals this year is to read 1 non-fiction book per month - so really any of the work for me - this challenge will just help me get my goal. haha!

  52. What a great idea! I've got tons of non-fiction to get around to. I love the idea of a non-fiction challenge. The May Sept time frame sounds good.

  53. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Just for the heck of it, I perused my stacks of unread books and discovered I have 15 unread NonFiction books there! So, I will have no problem selecting five...LOL.

  54. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Hi, I'm new to your blog but I'd love to participate. This is the first year I've done any reading challenges, and I never imagined how much fun they could be!

    I have no preference as to dates.

  55. Kris ~ Glad this will help to keep you on track for at least 5 months. :)

    Bybee ~ Oh good! Thanks for voting.

    Wendy ~ Are you the same "Wendy" that voted first? Hooray for the non-fiction books already residing in your home. Now the hard part...whittling them down.

    Poodlerat ~ What an interesting name! So glad you are going to join us.

  56. Well, for me summer is best. That's when I have the most time because of teaching. Also, it would be nice to prepare a few nonfiction units for my upcoming kids. So, I vote for any time period which includes summer months.

  57. Anonymous11:36 AM

    May-September's cool, but can do July-November too.

    And I like the wider time-frame for the challenge. I will allow me to read other stuff in between the challenge.

  58. What a great idea for a challenge. I would like the May-September period. When should we post the list of books we will be reading?


  59. I'd love to join :-) I would prefer either choice 2 or 3, whichever. The earlier one might collide with some work for university, so that one might be difficult.
    I'm also about to post a bunch of possible books for the challenge.

  60. Hi!! I'd love to join you're challenge. I read so few non-fiction books that I really need something like this to jump start me!! If I had a vote, I'd say May - september would be a good time!

  61. Bellezza ~ Thanks for voting. :)

    Dark Orpheus ~ I agree, we need time for other reads.

    Beloved Dreamer ~ I'll have all the details posted Jan. 31 or Feb 1.

    Kathrin ~ Glad you're joining!

    Stephanie ~ Oh good! I hope you find that this challenge opens up a new world for you.'s just a genre, but you know what I mean. :)


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