Thursday, February 01, 2007

Non-Fiction Five Challenge Basics

May - September
5 Books/5 Months

The Non-Fiction Five Challenge is designed to encourage readers to stretch themselves in the non-fiction genre. I am truly interested in getting people to venture into unfamiliar territories of literature. So...take this challenge and discover what non-fiction has to offer you!

All participants should try to mix up their reading choices. Please do not have ALL self-help books or ALL memoirs, etc. There is no limit on any sub-category, but remember...this is supposed to be a CHALLENGE. You should be getting out of your comfort zones and finding something new to explore.

Ultimately...let’s have fun!


Q: Will there be any prizes?
A: Yes. There will be a few token prizes to be awarded randomly to those that meet the requirement of one non-fiction book a month.

Q: Can I read more than one a month?

A: Certainly! You may read your choices at your own pace, but there will be a random prize awarded to someone that has kept up with at least one a month. You shouldn’t wait until the last month to read them all; although, that would still make you eligible for a prize at the completion of the challenge.

Q: How many biographies/memoirs can I read?
A: I am not setting any limits on any specific sub-category of non-fiction; HOWEVER, I strongly encourage you to choose a variety. You will still be eligible for prizes, even if you choose to not broaden your horizons.

Q: Can I overlap with other challenges?
Yes, however, two books is the limit.

Q: Can I count reading a manual for a camera or iPod as one of my five?
Personally, it makes no difference to me. Your non-fiction choices are for you to make. Ask yourself this question: “Is this manual a “challenge” for me to read?” If your answer is yes, then go for it! Only you know whether it’s a fair non-fiction read or not.

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  1. Anonymous6:01 AM


    Nice challenge. I tried clicking on the button to join but I got an error message.

    I'll check back, but in the mean time my blog is at (it's called Books, Words, and Writing).

  2. Amy ~ Oops! Forgot to change that one when I was moving posts around. Thank you for the heads-up. It's all fixed now. :)

  3. Sounds like fun.. Hopefully I'll remember about it when May finally rolls around..

  4. I am ready to post my list on my blog. I think I have quite a variety - at least they are from a variety of sections in the library (lol).

  5. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I am looking forward tothis fact, I may be replacing two of my original books with two books completely out of my comfort zone. I forget...when did you want us to post our post (say that three times fast) ;) about what we plan on reading? and thank you so much for the kind comments about my photos..I carry my camera with me everywhere and I am quite annoying sometimes to other drivers on the road when I take a quick right or left to get that 'perfect shot' :)

  6. Danielle ~ Your final list should be posted by April 30th. You may also choose alternates, so if a book is not going well you can switch out. Happy Shooting! LOL...that doesn't sound so good.

  7. Joy am finally posting my list. i have had the books waiting for me by my bed for some time. many thanks for hosting this... feel free to stop by and give your stamp of approval.

  8. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Fun challenge! Here's my post with my book choices listed:

  9. Hi! will you be hosting this challenge again this year?thanks:)

  10. Valentina ~ Yep! I'll be posting the details sometime this week. :)

  11. great!I think I'll join:)

  12. Valentina ~ Hopefully this coming week I will be able to get the challenge posted. :)

  13. Sounds great!
    I have a bunch of nonfiction in the TBR stacks. count me in.


  14. Quenby ~ How did you get here!?! This is last year's post. Please go to the first "Sticky Post" of this blog and click the last image (book tent). That will take you to Mister Linky for the NFF Challenge 2008! Glad you'll be joining us.


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