Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dee Henderson ~ BOiPod
Personal Rating: 3/5
Yearly Count: 43

The beginning started out very good, but then abruptly stopped and never recovered, leaving it to be a "just okay" book for me. The characters, suspense and romance rate in the same category...just okay. There just wasn't anything of great interest, so I have nothing of great interest to say.

Although - I was very surprised at the depth of Christianity this novel embraced. I wasn't expecting that (didn't read reviews) and, unfortunately, really didn't care for that portion of it either. Those that like to read about people exploring their faith and coming to Christ, mixed in with a smattering of police work, will enjoy this. Onward I go...


  1. I think I will skip this book. I have read some Christian books that I enjoyed but it was very subtle. More of a seasoning than the main course.

  2. Framed ~ I virtually only read Christian books many years ago and loved them. I just don't want to read them now. You probably would like this one better knowing that upfront. The beginning was very good, then the Christianity begins and builds and builds. This series actually has very good ratings, so I guess other believers don't mind. :) I just wanted something different right now.

  3. I read Danger in the Shadows earlier (posted my review here: but decided to stop with that title in the series. It's hard for me to get into Christian fiction sometimes and I didn't want to push my limits here. Sounds like it was a good thing I stopped!

  4. Carrie ~ Maybe this kind of book was just "old" for me, not necessarily that it wasn't good. I don't like to read a lot of what I already know.


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