Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Short Story

Stephen King
Personal Rating: 3.75/5

This story was about a family that was going to be transported to Mars. While waiting in line, the father explains the process and the history behind teleportation. I, of course, thought this was wacky and didn't really care for it in the beginning, but it got better as time went on. In the middle, I was engaged and looked forward to the finale. At the end, I felt like it was worth the read.

I believe this was the first work I've read by Stephen King, just never had a desire to read anything by him. There actually wasn't a desire this time either, but I read it aloud for someone else's sake. Whew! It turned out to be a success.


  1. Stephen King can be hard to get into. I enjoy and respect his work though. My favorite book of his that I've read to date was Lisey's Story. I LOVED that. I'm going to have to read The Jaunt sometime. Is it a stand alone or part of book of his short stories?

  2. Trisha ~ I read The Jaunt from a collection of short stories in a high school classroom book. I believe it can be found in other collections as well.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Stephen King. Maybe one day I'll give Lisey's Story a go.


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