Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Louise Penny
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Published: 2006
Personal Rating: 4/5
Yearly Count: 12

This is the first in the Three Pines Mysteries, which is the name of a small Canadian village that experiences the death of a dear member. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his assistants (one of which is a student) investigate whether it is a hunting accident or an outright murder. It actually began a little slow, but ultimately that feeling ended up playing into the setting.

Armand Gamache, as the investigator that pries into the individual lives of the community, has a gentle, personable nature. He prides himself on being an observer and tries to guide and teach his assistant its importance. There is a bit of psychology involved as he gives his advice, which I found to deepen Gamache's character. He, also, treats everybody with respect, making him a very likeable character. I definitely want to go along with him on his next case.


  1. Oh yay! Another positive review of this one. I first heard about it from Iliana and I recently ordered it. I'm going to have to try to fit it in soon.

  2. I read this when it came out and really enjoyed it! Seeing your review has made me want to read more Louise Penny...I really like your blog btw - I wandered in from Shelf Life.

  3. Tanabata ~ I prefer thriller mysteries, but I enjoyed this cozy. I hope you do, too!

    Logophile ~ I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit and thank you for the kind words. :) The third in this series, The Cruelest Month, will be coming out in early March.

  4. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Hi Joy! I came to you through Susan's Bloggin 'bout Books. I'm glad you liked this book. I have just fallen in love with Three Pines. The next two books are wonderful, in my opinion. Louise Penny just has a lovely way of writing I think. I highly recommend continuing on with this series. Her 3rd book will come out here in the US in March.

    Love your purple, by the way!

  5. Kay ~ Welcome! Thanks for the encouragement. :) And, yes, I'm aware of her 3rd book, but I don't think I'll even get to the second this year. We'll see. There's always hope.

  6. I stumbled on this book a couple of weeks ago at the library and really enjoyed it. I posted a review on my blog. I don't post ratings on my blog reviews (yet), but gave it 4 stars on my GoodReads account. Glad to see someone else enjoyed it too!

  7. Terri B. ~ Yep, I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next one. I've got to find some time to fit it in! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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