Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Brian Freeman
Genre: Mystery
Published: 2005
Personal Rating: 4.5/5
Yearly Count: 32

Freeman's debut mystery is our introduction to police detective Jonathan Stride. The disappearance of a teenaged girl causes Jonathan and his partner Maggie to try and piece together a bunch of loose ends to solve the puzzling case. The storyline keeps you wondering and takes you beyond what you may expect.

Finally! I had this book in my hands several times since it came out - knowing it had potential. I was not disappointed! While I certainly could have done without the s*x scenes, the mystery was executed very well, especially for a newbie. Freeman has already written two three more (Newest Release: September, 2008) in this series, so I look forward to learning more about Jonathan and the cases he encounters.


  1. I'm putting this on my TBR!! Good review!

  2. Oh no...another series that sounds too good to pass up.

  3. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Off to add it to my Good Reads TBR list....I love. love. love. having a good series to lose myself in ;)

  4. Samantha ~ I've got his next two on mine! :)

    Debi ~ I think it's worth a read.

    Danielle ~ This one takes you to different venues, so maybe you will get lost. lol

  5. Joy, I finished Then We Came To The End. Over all, I liked it. That said, it's not a cozy, comfy book by any stretch of the imagination In fact, I was kind of uncomfortable while reading this book. Just not my usual type of book. I do enjoy broadening my horizons, however, so I'm glad I read it. There were parts that made me laugh. Oh, if you're bothered by the F word, this may not be the book for you. Not that I love it, but it seemed kind of natural for the characters who used it. If you read it, let me know what you think.

  6. Joy: Two things.....
    1. I cannot wait to read IMMORAL, it's on Mt Git'r'Read up for your First in Series Challenge
    2. You are correctamundo....can you remove linky for Legend of Frankie Silver - Sharyn McCrumb under the L titles?? It is indeed BALLAD of Frankie Silver - Sharyn McCrumb. I posted the link to the B titles.....Thank you for pointing it out...shouldn't have had that extra shot of java...or maybe I should have had one more...

  7. Mary ~ I checked it out from the library and gave it to DH, so he's reading it now. :) I'm thinking I will be giving it a try. Thanks! As for the "F" word - I don't like it, but I can skim it when reading. I definitely don't like to hear it.

    Vickie ~ Response to two things...
    1. It's a good mystery. I think you'll like it.
    2. It's all taken care of. :)

  8. Joy: Thankin' you!!!

  9. i've added this to my to-read list. thanks for the review!

  10. Alison ~ It's a good mystery. I hope you enjoy it.

  11. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I just love this author!

    Happy Easter Weekend!! :)

  12. J. Kaye ~ He seems like he's going to be a keeper.

    Thank you and Happy Easter to you, too!


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