Monday, March 31, 2008


Laurie Halse Anderson
Genre: Realistic YA Fiction
Published: 2006
Personal Rating: 3/5
Yearly Count: 42

The beginning of Melinda's freshman year has been dreaded and for good reason. At an end-of-summer party, Melinda calls the police causing many peers to become outraged. The treatment she receives at school was to be expected, but Melinda struggles with the reason why she called the police - nobody knows and the silence is eating at her.

Maybe I need more space between YA books, because they are beginning to sound the same. This first person narration was good. We were able to be inside Melinda's head and know what she was thinking and feeling, but it turned out to be nothing special. I enjoyed some of the sarcasm and the moral, but in the end - it was just okay.


  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    I read this one last year and liked it pretty well. I thought it would be a good one to suggest to kid patrons at our library. Hope you get some new things going that will pique your interest more, Joy. LOL

  2. Kay ~ I just realized that I have had several in a row that have been just so-so. Hmmm I need to come scour your blog! :)

  3. i read this one this week, although i haven't had time to write a review yet. i really quite liked it. when i get my review posted, you can come and find out why. :)

  4. Alison ~ Sometimes I get bummed that I don't like a book more, but it is what it is. I'm just going to keep moving on. I look forward to your review.

  5. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I tried to read this book a couple of times and never could get into it. I thought it was a mood thing. After your rating, maybe it wasn't just me. :)

  6. J. Kaye ~ Thank you for sharing that! I was thinking that it was a YA thing. LOL Maybe we just didn't care for it as much as others - and we'll leave it at that. :)


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