Sunday, May 18, 2008


Author: Anne George
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Published: 2001
Personal Rating: 4.25/5
Yearly Count: 68

Patricia Anne and Mary Alice are sisters who live in Alabama. This second in the series finds them attending the opening of a local art gallery with one of the owners turning up dead soon after. Of course, they dive into the scandal when one of Patricia Anne's past students and employee of the art gallery shows up on her doorstep in disarray.

I had my first experience with these Southern sisters almost 4 years ago. I thought it was good, but this time around - it was much better. I loved these ladies. They had me grinning, smiling, giggling and all out laughing! I just loved their snippy squabbles and bickering banter. There was also Patricia Anne's playful quibbling with her husband, Fred. And yes, there was a cozy mystery that moved the plot along that was okay. It seemed more like a backdrop for the sisters playground. I won't be waiting 4 years to read the next in this series - this was just too delightful to wait that long!


  1. Joy, Your review just made me smile! Anne was a friend of mine, and she was just a wonderful, wonderful woman, in addition to being one of the best Southern Cozy writers out there. She NAILS Southern dialogue -- the "sound" of it and the rhythm of it. The last in the series was very bittersweet. It was published just after her death, and for those of us who knew her there was a sense she knew she'd not make it through the surgery she knew she had coming up. I will never forget the day she died -- we were called at the store, and my SIL/boss and I just broke down in tears. I hope if you get the chance you'll find a copy of her novel, "This One and Magic Life." Having that one published to solid critical reviews made her very, very proud.

  2. This is one of those series I want to try every time I hear someone talk about them, but then I always seem to forget about them. Think I need to write it on my library list right this minute before I forget again.

  3. Eleanor ~ Your comment was very touching. I think I will appreciate this series even more! And thank you for the recommendation - I will look for it. :)

    Debi ~ I don't remember the first one, but I rated it a 3.5/5 (good). I'm guessing that I would rate it higher now that I am liking cozy mysteries more and more. These sisters are so much fun. I can't wait for you to read one!

  4. Yay, one down, two to go! I love Anne George's books and that was nice of Eleanor to stop by. Ms. George was taken away way too soon.

    I'm doing the first of 5 contests for the autographed Mudbound books. Go here if you would like to play.

  5. This sounds really fun, but I can't figure out which one is the first in the series! Do you know? Or is this one of those series where it doesn't matter which order you read them in?

  6. Maggie ~ Thanks for inspiring me to get back to this series. :)

    Joanna ~ Here's the series order:

    1. Murder on A Girls' Night Out (1996)
    2. Murder on A Bad Hair Day (1996)
    3. Murder Runs in the Family (1997)
    4. Murder Makes Waves (1997)
    5. Murder Gets A Life (1998)
    6. Murder Shoots the Bull (1999)
    7. Murder Carries A Torch (2000)
    8. Murder Boogies with Elvis (2001)

  7. I was introduced to this series last year for Maggie's challenge. Read the first two and loved them. So funny.

    I was touched to read Eleanor's sweet comment.

  8. I was very sad when I read the author had died. My mum is currently reading the series and enjoying it quite a lot.

  9. Booklogged ~ I actually just read this for Maggie's challenge. :) It has taken me a long time to get back to these ladies, but I wouldn't have appreciated them as much if I hadn't waited. So it's all good!

    Kucki68 ~ These ladies are a hoot! Have you read them?

  10. I LOVE this series!I got a friend hooked on them and when she went to Alabame she got me a souviner of Vulcan. We laughed and laughed!

  11. Sharon ~ I'm going to spread them out a little bit being that there are only 8 of them. Did you read them all?


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