Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Author:  Sue Grafton
Genre:  Mystery
Published:  1985
Personal Rating:  3.75/5
Yearly Count:  106

Kinsey Milhone is a single, 32-year-old private investigator.  A woman named Beverly comes into Kinsey's office to hire her to find her widowed sister, Elaine.  Once Kinsey gets on Elaine's trail, she discovers much more than just a missing person.

With a host of somewhat quirky characters and an interesting missing person's mystery, Grafton made this a very good read.  It's been quite some time since I read A is for Alibi, so it was nice being reintroduced to Kinsey.  I like her character and will not wait as long to pick up C is for Corpse.


  1. Hi Joy, I've often thought to read this series and never have gotten to it. Now with the pile of books I have, who knows when it might happen. lol. Glad you liked it.

  2. My dad and I were doing a cross-word the other weekend (he starts, I finish) and he wanted to know an author *** Grifton. I said, maybe Sue. I was right but I guess we got the last part wrong. Hmmm...guess that means we got *two* wrong! So clueless :)

  3. Dar ~ Howdy Ho! :) Being reintroduced to Kinsey was good. It's helpful to like a prolific author's work - you at least know that they will be enjoyable and worthy of your time. I have many to go with Grafton. :)

    Trish ~ It was a good try, Trish. :)

  4. I really enjoyed the beginning of the series but it started to wane on me around the time she found her mother's family. One of these days I'll have to finish the series.

  5. Carrie K ~ I think it'll be a good series to pick up every now and then. What letter are you up to?


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