Monday, August 04, 2008


Author:  Lisa Lutz
Genre:  Chick Lit
Published:  2007
Personal Rating:  3/5
Yearly Count:  101

The Spellman's are a family of private investigators that even tend to spy on one another.  The main character is Isabel Spellman.  She is a 28-year-old middle child that has had a rebellious childhood, which somewhat continues into her adult life.  Isabel shares past relationships, family stories and we go along with her as she tries to solve a 10 year old case.

This relatively new series (this being the first) is not what I expected.  I thought it would be based on cases that the family acquired, but it focused more on the Spellman family dynamics (dysfunction may be a better word choice here).  More than half the book was a "let's get acquainted fest" which was fine, but I was expecting more - like a case.  When I was finally reconciled to the fact that there was no case, a case appeared.  Don't choose this book if you are looking for a mystery, but if you enjoy character driven books (in this case - quirky family members) and light reads to pass the time, then this one may be for you.


  1. Thanks Joy! I think I had the same misconceptions about this book as you did. And I suspect I would have been a bit disappointed when I finally got around to picking this one up. A heads-up is always nice!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this one Joy. When I crave a mystery, that's what I want-not a whole bunch of everything else.

  3. Debi ~ Definitely beginning with expectations in alignment with reality is a good thing. :)

    Dar ~ I finally decided the first book was going to be an introduction to the family, but then the case appeared. I may give the second book in the series a try, but not in the near future.

  4. I read this one and rather enjoyed it! I just thought it was a fun read it. But yeah, if looking for a really good mystery, this isn't for you. If looking for a fun, quirky read, pick it up.
    I linked your review to mine so readers can get another view point. Here's the link to mine if interested:

  5. Kris ~ I really think this was more of a case (no pun intended) of misguided expectations. I just thought it was going to be a different kind of book. Now I know.


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