Thursday, September 18, 2008

30th Challenge Completed!

I have a mile long list of "2nds" that I'd like to pick up, so this challenge was a breeze to complete.  My plan is to continue working on that list during 2008, but I will certainly devote more time to it in 2009.

2nds Challenge Reads:

Persepolis 2:  The Story of a Return (Satrapi)
The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax (Gilman)
The Truth About Forever (Dessen)
The Chatham School Affair (Cook)

Here is my original list of books with links to my thoughts.

Persepolis 2 (Satrapi)

Least Favorite:
The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax (Gilman)
(which was still okay)


  1. Impressive! It only started not quite 3 weeks ago!

  2. You rock, my friend. You just started this challenge. You amaze me. I haven't even started the second one yet. lol.

  3. Tanabata ~ Yep! However, 2 of the 4 were cross-challenged! :)

    Dar ~ I may be finishing challenges, but you are going through ARCs like no tomorrow! :)

  4. 30 challenges!! Dang lady!!

    I wanted to join this one this year, but I've vowed I wouldn't add any more challenges unless the books were already on the list. I'm reading to get through with the 9 I have left and be done for the year!!

  5. Trish ~ I'm trying to "be done" for the year, too! :)

  6. You are sure going to town on challenges this year! Congrats!

  7. Teddy Rose ~ Gotta finish is my motto! :)


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