Friday, September 05, 2008

BBAW Nominations

How exciting!!!  The Book Blogger Appreciation Week Award nominations are in and I have been nominated for two categories!  Thank you to all those that have nominated me.  I feel very honored and humbled.

Amy from My Friend Amy has a voting booth set up for almost 30 categories.   Please stop by and place your votes.  You may even discover a few new-to-you blogs in the process.

Here are the two categories in which I have been nominated:
(along with the other fab nominees)

Best Challenge Host

Thoughts of Joy

Most Concise

Thoughts of Joy

Like I said above, it's an honor even just to have been nominated.  I appreciate you all!  Thank you.

Voting will remain open until September 12, 2008 at midnight.



  1. congrats on your nomination!!!

  2. Congrats Joy! I was so happy when I saw you made the finals! Good luck!

  3. The Story Siren ~ Thank you! It was a wonderful surprise! :)

    Debi ~ It's definitely a thrill to be nominated - I can tell ya that! Thank you. :)

  4. Ladytink ~ Thank you! I appreciate your support. :)

  5. I voted for you!!!

  6. Congratulations and best of luck, Joy! Off to vote...

  7. I was thrilled to bit to see you have mafe the voting round - congratulations on making it this far. Fingers crossed my vote will help you win :)

  8. Congrats Joy! I'm off to vote!

  9. Congrats on your nominations Joy!

  10. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I am so happy to see you there! You have my vote.

    Power is back on and let me say it again, I have missed you BUNCHES!

  11. Heading over now to vote. Congratulations Joy! I'm tickled pink for you.

  12. Dar ~ Thank you, Dar! It's greatly appreciated.

    Les ~ Thanks! I noticed your new look . . . very picturesque. :)

    Sally ~ I was thrilled, too! Just knowing that you voted for me means a lot.

    Maw Books ~ Thank you! :)

    Iliana ~ Thanks for the congrats!

    J. Kaye ~ As you now know, you are thought of very highly by your fellow bloggers!

    Booklogged ~ I'm pretty tickled, too! Thank you.

    Trish ~ And congrats go to you as well. :)

  13. Congratulations on the nominations!!

    Hey! I tagged you, come take a look at my blog today!

  14. Vickie ~ Thank you! I'll come by to see what you've got goin'! :)


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