Sunday, September 14, 2008


Author:  Katherine Anne Porter
Genre:  Short Story
Published: 1927/1992 Oxford Book Collection
Personal Rating: 4/5
(SS) Yearly Count: 9

This short story revolves around a poor, but proud family whose female lead believes that appearances are of the utmost importance - at all costs.

This was a sad story.  Other than just the physical needs a family requires, it depicts the emotional struggle a mother has within herself regarding one of her children that isn't like the others and how she feels that this child is a reflection of her in the eyes of the community.

  Supposedly, this story is a mirror image of the author's early memories of poverty which affect her later in life.

*Recommended By: Trish's Reading Nook (no review)


  1. This one sounds quite good even though it's sad. I guess I may eventually have to look into some of these short stories.

  2. This is my only Katherine Anne Porter but it really affected me. I didn't realize that it was semi-autobiographical!

    You are just a short story reading fool!! :)

  3. Dar ~ If you prepare yourself that you will only be visiting these people for a short while, you'll be fine. Short stories tend to be little snippets of life. They can have deep meaning just as short events (even just a second) can affect us deeply in real life.

    Trish ~ That's me . . . a reading fool! lol I decided to finish the challenge off and I didn't want them all to be from Runaway, so I pulled The Oxford out. :) You had shared those titles with me a while back. Thanks!


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