Monday, September 01, 2008


Author:  Marisa de los Santos
Genre:  Chick Lit
Published:  2006
Personal Rating:  2/5
Yearly Count:  115

Cornelia, a thirty-something cafe manager, and Clare, an eleven-year-old child of divorced parents, cross paths.  Told in alternating chapters, Cornelia and Clare share their lives with one another.

With my heart full of hopes, I am sad to say that I was not pleased with this book.  I thought for sure I was going to enjoy it.  As the story began, the chapters about Cornelia were okay, but soon after, the book began to coast downhill.  The two major components that brought it down were:  the character, Clare, the undeniably out-of-character character, and the story line, too predictable and contrived.

This was not a good read for me and I'm very concerned that I will not enjoy the sequel Belong to Me, which has been raved about.  Maybe next year I'll attempt it, but for now - not a chance.


  1. Joy, I read "Belong to Me" before "Love Walked In" and believe me -- "Belong To Me" is a different critter!! I wasn't bowled over by "LWI" either, but please don't let that deter you from the sequel. It was just a treat!

  2. I'm sorry that you got a dud! Borders featured this on one of their video book clubs not too long ago and I thought it sounded interesting.

  3. Bummer! Some books just aren't all that great.
    I've given you an award - check it out here

  4. I thought I had heard such great things about this book but I couldn't get into it at all - put it down after 2 or 3 chapters.

  5. Eeeks! I had heard good things about this book, but it really isn't my type of book anyway. I didn't realize Belong to Me was the follow up--I'm sorry you didn't like this one, Joy.

  6. Anonymous10:55 PM

    I really liked BELONG TO ME. Have not read this one, but the characters repeat in the sequel. However, the setting is different and there are additional characters. Sorry it wasn't for you. That happens, doesn't it? I will still try this one at some point. Thanks for an honest appraisal, Joy!

  7. Eleanor ~ Thank you for your comment, Eleanor. I was really bummed that I didn't like this (LWI) and it's good to know that at least you weren't crazy about it either. I'll say this, I will continue with the sequel when I have a better attitude. :)

    Ladytink_534 ~ Blah. Other chick lit fans may be enthralled with it. I usually have to stretch myself when reading chick lit, but this stretched me too thin!

    Twiga92 ~ LOL You said a very simple statement, but a very true one indeed! :) An award!?! I'll stop by your blog soon.

    Eileen ~ Well, I actually thought the beginning was okay, so you can only imagine the rest! Geez, that sounds so mean. My intentions are not to be hurtful, but I didn't like it.

    Trish ~ It's not my type either.

    Kay ~ Oh absolutely read it for yourself. My dislike for chick lit didn't set this book up for a good chance, but oh well. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. The honesty is me, but it often sounds soooo much harsher in a post than it is meant to be. I do feel bad about that part.

  8. I had thought Love Walked In was ok. Not great but good. I couldn't however get into Belong to Me. I've tried twice and had to give up. I doubt I'll give it another go but don't let that deter you-you may like it although I think it follows the same writing style, etc as the first one.

  9. Oh, dear! And I loved them both (although I enjoyed Belong To Me a tad bit more than Love Walked In). At least we can agree on Cody McFadyen's books, right? :)

  10. Dar ~ It's really interesting to read everybody's thoughts on this one. I'm going to give Belong to Me a try, but I'm not convinced that I'm going to like it. Unfortunately it's starting out with two strikes against it - chick lit and LWI.

    Les ~ I forgot that you read this. I just got back from rereading your review. We're sitting on opposite sides of the fence on this one, but yes, we're standing strong for Cody. :)

  11. I have this one on my TBR stack. Hope I like it anyway!

  12. Terri B ~ I hope you do, too!

  13. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Oh I am so glad you read so much!! I almost bought this book two weeks ago and now I am glad that I did not. Currently I am reading The Mindful Way through Depression and Redemption by Gary Smalley and Karen Kingsbury. I am enjoying both. I have 'a long way gone' on my list and I can't wait to read the book I bought instead of Love Walked In - it is a book by Merrill Marko 'It's My Birthday. I loved her walking in circles book.

    Hope you have a great day. thank you so much for always thinking of me and stopping by!!!!

  14. Danielle ~ After you read A Long Way Gone (Beah), you can see several different interviews of him on YouTube.

    My dislike for LWI doesn't mean that you wouldn't like it. If you really enjoy chick-lit, then I would give it a try. If not, it appears as if the sequel, Belong to Me, still has some hope. :)

  15. I liked this one! I haven't read the sequel to it yet but am hoping maybe before the end of the year?

  16. Maw Books ~ I wish I did. :) I hate it when that happens!


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