Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Author: Margaret Atwood
Genre: Short Stories
Published: 2006
Personal Rating: 3/5
Yearly Count: 126

The Bad News
(ss) Yearly Count: 17

An older couple go about their morning rituals.

The Art of Cooking and Serving
(ss) Yearly Count: 18

An eleven-year-old becomes responsible for the care of her expecting mother, then much of the baby's care when it's born.

The Headless Horseman
(ss) Yearly Count: 19

While driving to visit their ailing mother, two adult sisters reminisce about a Halloween costume the older sister made during their childhood.

My Last Duchess
(ss) Yearly Count: 20

A high school couple analyze the poem, The Last Duchess, in preparation for a final exam.

The Other Place
(ss) Yearly Count: 21

A female adult travels from job to job and place to place. Eventually she settles down and marries Tig.

(ss) Yearly Count: 22

Tig and Oona decide to live in an open-marriage.

Moral Disorder
(ss) Yearly Count: 23

Tig and Nell move to another farm. They are excited to grow vegetables and raise animals.

White Horse
(ss) Yearly Count: 24

Nell's friend gives her and Tig a horse. Lizzie (Nell's sister) comes for a visit when she's not feeling very encouraged about life.

The Entities
(ss) Yearly Count: 25

When they decide to sell the farm and move back to the city, Nell and Tig befriend their real-estate Agent, Lillie.

The Labrador Fiasco
(ss) Yearly Count: 26

Nell goes to her parents' home for a visit.

The Boys at the Lab
(ss) Yearly Count: 27

An adult woman is taking care of her 90-year-old, bedridden mother. They reminisce while looking at old pictures.

Being that all these short stories were related, I don't understand why they weren't considered a novel. Adding some dates onto the titles would have made it an easier read, because on occasion I had difficulty figuring out exactly what characters were being portrayed. A new scenario was developed for each story and some of them were interesting, but others I wondered why it was chosen as an important piece to the puzzle. Throughout the book, I did experience a range of enjoyment; however, I didn't find anything spectacular. I did discover that I prefer short stories to be just that - short stories, not chapters in disguise.


  1. I didn't know Atwood had published short stories! It would be interesting to ask her why she wrote them in this format instead of a novel.

  2. If I recall correctly, Margaret Atwood wrote a short story titled The Hairball, which scarred me in high school. Have you read that one?

  3. Hmmm...I recently read my first Atwood short story this past weekend (called Hairball) and it was the second in a collection--maybe I should have started with the first? I don't like chapters disguised as short stories either...

  4. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I do hope to read this at some point and will bear your comments in mind about all the stories being linked.

  5. Laura ~ Atwood actually has several short story collections. I would still be interested in reading another book, but not if they are connected. I think her individual stories would be very good.

    Charley ~ Nope, but I want to now. :)

    Trish ~ Too funny . . . did you see Charley's comment? :) What did you think of it?

    Rhinoa ~ Knowing they are linked and figuring out who the characters are within the family is a good thing. It will make for a better read.

  6. Ha! No, I didn't read it. :) Eeeks--I'm really bad about reading the comments that come before mine...

    The story was interesting--definitely will stick with me for a while. The collection is Wilderness Tips but I haven't had a chance to read any more or even blog about that story this week...

  7. Ha-goes to show how much I know. I didn't realize Atwood wrote short stories. I have read a couple of her novels though.

  8. Trish ~ I sometimes don't read all the comments before mine either. It depends on how many and how long. :) Gotta cut corners somewhere!

    Dar ~ I was irked because of the connections, but she does write rather well. :)


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