Saturday, September 13, 2008


Author:  Alice Munro
Genre:  Short Story
Published:  Runaway, 2004
Personal Rating:  4/5
(ss) Yearly Count:  6

A young woman feels trapped in her marriage is the general synopsis of the short story titled Runaway, which is the title of the collection as well.

This was my first experience reading Munro and I'm surprised in one sense and not in another.  I'm surprised that the story didn't have a clear cut, defined path.  I wasn't sure where it was going because it revealed the story line in little doses or dropped hints.  I'm not surprised that this is probably why she is such a successful short story writer, especially being that I was immediately drawn into the story and setting.  Once I was fully engaged with the characters, the story ended!  I should have expected it because, after all, it is a short story.  :)  The closing scene wasn't all wrapped up and tied in a bow, but it wasn't left open-ended either.  A couple lingering thoughts continue to roam around my mind.  


  1. That is exactly why I don't like short stories. I get all fired up about the story and it's over. I've heard a lot of good things about Munro but since I don't favor short stories-I've not read anything by her.

  2. I have tried a few short story collections in the past year and just can't warm to them. You named a couple of the reasons why. I'll keep trying, though. Do you recommend this? Was this a single story or one of several?

  3. Dar ~ I hate to admit it, but that is exactly what happened. I was disappointed to see it end. However, I still enjoyed it and feel a sense of accomplishment. Not sure why, but I do.

    Mary ~ This is the first story in the collection titled Runaway. I'm reading the second one now and I'm liking it, too. She has a knack for getting you interested right away. There's not time for slow introductions. :)

    I'd like to read a couple of collections that have a loose tie between them all. The two that I'm interested in are Olive Ketteridge (Strout) and Moral Disorders and Other Stories (Atwood). I'm sure there are many more, but I'm not well-versed in short story authors/books.

    I have two other collections of short stories that have random writers. I hope to delve more into those as well.

  4. Joy,
    I've not read any books by Alice Munro and always think I should when I see a new one by her. I am not a big fan of short stories but I don't read them that often either. One of my favorites is Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri.

  5. Bonnie ~ I see her as a writer that focuses on her characters, but I could be wrong - I've only read two. :) I think she's only written one novel, if I'm not mistaken.

  6. I like Alice Munro and among her short story collections, it's Runaway I like best. What I like about her writing is her relatively simple prose and her focus on creating multi-dimensional characters. Plus, her stories don't resort to cheap thrills and paper-thin plot expositions. They grow on you. My favorite story from Runaway is "Tricks".

  7. Monster Paperbag ~ Interesting name. :) I agree, the stories do "grow on you". They are a bit slow in nature, but also create an interest.


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