Thursday, September 04, 2008

Young Authors & Celebrate the Author (Aug - Dec)


Author:  Virginia Lee Burton
Genre:  Young Reader
Published:  1937
Personal Rating:  4/5

Choo Choo is "the story of a little engine who ran away."  She realizes that she can go faster without carrying cargo, so she takes off on her own.

This is a great book to discuss with young children, due to the many lessons that can be gleaned.  Burton is best known for her books Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and The Little House.  

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Author:  Tomie de Paola
Genre:  Young Reader
Published:  1979
Personal Rating:  2.75/5  

Big Anthony is Strega Nona's (Grandmother Witch) helper.  When Spring arrives, he becomes sluggish and unproductive.  Strega Nona suggests "Night Life" as a solution to his malaise.  With a little help from her magic, Big Anthony gets a taste of a different life.

The Strega Nona character doesn't impress me, so I didn't care for this one that much.  Although, I will give it credit for the imbedded lesson. 

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Author:  Johanna Hurwitz
Genre:  Young Reader
Published:  2001
Personal Rating:  4.25/5  

One morning Russell decides he doesn't want to go to school.  What he wants is to stay home and act like a baby.  His mom allows this, so Russell revisits what its like to be a baby.

Hurwitz did a very good job making this story realistic.  I enjoyed the expressive pictures and the story line all the way through.  

Hurwitz is an award winning author who has written over 50 children's books.  

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Author:  Marc Brown
Genre:  Young Reader
Published:  1991
Personal Rating:  4/5

Arthur enters a contest by writing a paper on "How I Can Help make America Great."  He wins the contest and is invited to Washington, D. C. to recite his winning paper to the President.  Arthur is very worried that he's not going to be able to remember it.

Arthur is a great character.  I have enjoyed many books in this series and this one was no different.    

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Author:  Eve Bunting
Genre:  Young Reader
Published:  2005
Personal Rating:  4/5

A little boy's father is coming home from overseas.  The boy brings a special red balloon when he and his mother go to pick him up.  He wants his father to be able to recognize him in the crowd, but accidentally releases the ballon from his wrist.

This book must ring very true to those that have had a loved one come home from service.  Told from a young boy's perspective makes this a touching read.

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