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Published:  1991
Yearly Count:  141

Published:  1992
Yearly Count:  142

Published:  1993
Yearly Count:  143

Author:  Nick Bantock
Genre:  Graphic Novels
Trilogy Personal Rating:  3/5

Amazon.com Editorial Reviews: 

Few books are more romantic than this trilogy, nor more surreal.  Griffin Moss is a rather doleful, lonesome, gaunt, and haunted postcard designer in London.  Sabine Strohem is an illustrator of stamps living on an island in the South Pacific.  One day Griffin gets an extraordinary letter from Sabine revealing that she knows all kinds of things about his life and work--somehow, she can share his soul from afar.  They start exchanging love letters, yet it remains an open question whether Griffin and Sabine are two hearts that mystically beat as one, or simply illusory.   

After reading all three books, I'm still left uncertain as to what was really happening.  I loved reading the postcards and letters, but I didn't enjoy the artwork very much at all.  My curiosity kept me turning the pages to see where the story was leading.  I remain curious and will pick up the next three to see where this relationship ends up.

* Recommended By:  Tanabata from In Spring it is the Dawn


  1. I'm just not curious enough to check graphic novels out. What's wrong with me??? What motivated you to give them a try?

  2. Mary ~ Nothing is wrong with you! lol I kept seeing them advertised everywhere and there was a graphic novel challenge beginning, so I became even more curious. The fact that they are typically short and easy to read was the final push. I figured too much time wouldn't be wasted if I didn't like it/them. Seriously, there are only a few that I haven't liked. I have been pleasantly surprised.

  3. Hmm. Well, maybe I'll have to reconsider one of these days! : )

  4. Joy,
    I read these books when they first came out. I enjoyed them very much. I liked the artwork and the interactive nature of the book with the real letters in envelopes. Also, my cousin's name is Sabine and we both read them and were drawn to that connection.
    I am fond of journal, diary, letter style books and that is another reason I enjoyed these books. I never thought of them as graphic novels, that makes sense!

  5. Mary ~ I hope you do.

    Bonnie ~ I love journals, diary, letter style books, too. That was the best part of the books! There are a few children's series that use letters like this one did - I absolutely love them. I'm not sure if these are really considered "graphic novels", but I saw them labeled that somewhere. :)

  6. Sorry you didn't end up liking these so much. Art is so personal though. I didn't love all of it but I think the overall style won me over. I've only read the first one though, we'll see what I think when I read the rest.

  7. Tanabata ~ I don't feel like it was a waste of time - at all. It just didn't settle as well as other books like this. And, yeah, the art - not for me.


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