Sunday, April 19, 2009


Author: Scott Sigler
Genre: Science Fiction, #1 of 2
Published: 2008
Personal Rating: DNF #3

I spent well over 5 hours listening to this book. GRRR. Why didn't I catch on sooner that I didn't care for it? I actually did think about giving up on it - several times, but I was doing my best to adapt, until . . . the infections talked! I flipped out and couldn't listen to another word. I have to say, though, there was one* thing that I really liked about it - the relationship between the main character and his buddy. That made me smile, but not enough to maintain sanity for another 5 hours.

*Okay, so there's two things: the setting was in Michigan and there's just something about reading a book in your home state that keeps you plodding on.


  1. My dog is looking at me funny because I just laughed out loud reading your thoughts. Talking infections, huh? The cover is pretty creepy!

  2. Good on ya for quitting when you did. Not many will give in. My oft said motto, "Life is too short to read (or listen to) bad books!"

  3. Mary ~ My husband said that talking infections is not a unique idea. He said it's not uncommon for stuff like that in Sci-Fi. Well, well, well - now I know first hand that it's too much for me.

    Vickie ~ It is! And, when there are so many to choose from! There was some bits that kept me holding on, but the rest is just not my thing. Thanks for the good. I like good on me. :)


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