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Author: James LePore
Genre: Suspense, Standalone
Published: 2009
Personal Rating: 3.5/5 (good)
Yearly Count: 60

From the front cover:

A major novel of suspense, love, betrayal and terror by a powerful new writer. Pat Nolan, an American man, is summoned to Paris to claim the body of his estranged daughter Megan, who has committed suicide. The body, however, is not Megan's and it becomes instantly clear to Pat that Megan staged this, that she is in serious trouble, and that she is calling to him for help.

This sends Pat on an odyssey that stretches across France and into the Czech Republic and that makes him the target of both the French police and a band of international terrorists. Joining Pat on his search is detective Catherine Laurence, a beautiful but tormented Paris detective who sees in Pat something she never thought she'd find - genuine passion and desperate need. As they look for Megan, they come closer to each other's souls and discover love when both had long given up on it.

Juxtaposed against this story is Megan's story. A freelance journalist, Megan is in Morocco to do research when she meets Abdel Lahani, a Saudi businessman. They begin a torrid affair, a game Megan has played often and well in her adult life. But what she discovers about Lahani puts her in the center of a different kind of game, one with rules she can barely comprehend. Because of her relationship with Lahani, Megan has made some considerable enemies. And she has put the lives of many - maybe even millions - at risk.

A WORLD I NEVER MADE is an atmospheric novel of suspense with brilliantly drawn characters and back-stories as compelling as the plot itself. It is the kind of novel that resonates deeply and leaves its traces long after you turn the final page.

A World I Never Made is James LePore's debut novel and is one of suspense, indeed. The story is told in alternating parts: Pat's search for Megan in 2004, and Megan's life in 2003, which leads up to the 2004 search. Both parts contain continual action and kept me turning the pages. I really liked the writing technique of the two years eventually merging.

It's unfortunate for me when I read a lot of foreign names and places because I tend to get mixed up. Due to the large cast of characters and the unfamiliar territory, I found it difficult to keep every person/group straight. I managed, but in the beginning I had to work at it. Also, in general, I liked the main characters, but would have liked to have known them at a deeper level.

Interestingly enough, the book has left me with an unexpected curiosity. A group of Gypsies played a role in this book, and they have piqued my interest. I hope to learn more about them and their ways.


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Later on "Thoughts of Joy..."
I asked James quite a few basic questions about his life as an author. I hope you'll come back and read what he has to say.

You can read the interview HERE!


  1. Sounds like a very intriguing story. As a journalist myself, I especially enjoy reading these types of books. I like seeing how different authors portray this profession.

  2. LuAnn ~ Thanks for stopping by! I understand how our profession draws us to certain books. It's that ability to relate factor. :)

  3. Great review, Joy! Looking forward to reading the interview next! Thanks so much for all the time and energy you put into reading/reviewing A WOrld I Never Made.

  4. LisaMM ~ I enjoyed it, Lisa. Thanks for including me. :)

  5. I really enjoyed this one. I agree about the gypsies--they were quite interesting.

  6. Literary Feline ~ Interestingly enough, the book I read after this was The Walking People and it had gypsies in it, too. I still have a desire to learn more, but am happy to have a better understanding of them than I did before.


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