Saturday, January 26, 2013


Author:  Peter Heller
Genre:  Post-Apocalyptic Novel, Standalone
Published:  2012
Personal Rating:  4/5 (very good)
Format:  Audiobook
Yearly Count:  3

Hig (41 year old male), Jester (Hig's dog) and Bangley (older adult male) are doing everything they can to survive after most of the world has been desecrated by a deadly flu and blood disease.

I loved Hig and Bangley's relationship!  That was the best part of the book for me.  Most of this audioread kept me engaged and eager to listen to more.  There was one section/chapter that I disengaged and could have cared less what was going on (just not my reading preference), but it was totally appropriate for the plot.  Other than that, I really enjoyed this post-apocalyptic adventure.  It was written as real as one could imagine.  



  1. Oh, this one sounds good! I loved The Road even though I'm sure that this isn't close to that one (or is it?) either way post-apocalyptic when done right is riveting!

    1. Staci ~ The Road made me depressed, this one did not. I think in the long run, I liked it a little more than my current rating.

  2. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I need to make sure this is on my wish list!

    1. Stacybuckeye ~ Yes, you do! :)

  3. This is high on my list for 2013. One of my good friends loved it and wrote a nice review here.

    1. Les ~ They are starting to fade a little now, but I have continued to think about these characters since finishing it. I thought it was very good, and I think you'll enjoy it, too.


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