Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Author:  Deon Meyer
Genre:  Thriller, Standalone  
Published:  2005
Personal Rating:  2/5 (not enjoyable)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Simon Vance
Yearly Count:  61

In South Africa, ex-cop Zatopek ‘Zed’ van Heerden, now private investigator, is sought after to recover a will.  The will was stolen from a murdered antique dealer in his home.  The state will claim the estate if it's not recovered in 7 days.

I have wanted to read a Deon Meyer book for years now.  I actually have several in hardcover and eBook format, but this one caught my eye as an audiobook.  It was told by van Heerden in the past (his backstory) and the present, and it was complex.  Unfortunately,  my interest level waned pretty quickly, and it was almost put down to rest.  I'm not sure if the main cause was the absolutely atrocious language (I can read it a lot easier than listening to it!) or if I just wasn't interested in the storyline.  Needless to say, I will give another book of his a try, but I'm not very excited about Meyer anymore.


  1. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Thanks for the warning !

    1. Stacybuckeye ~ You're welcome! :)

  2. That's too bad. I wonder how I would feel about listening to a book with a lot of foul language, if it would bother me more than reading it. Hmm. Not that I'm going to seek a book out just to find out. :-)

    1. Literary Feline ~ For me, it's easier to gloss over bad language when reading, but to have it repeated with gusto in my ears is unforgiving. Bleck!

  3. Yikes! I hate it when the excitement of something is just killed!

    1. Staci ~ Yeah. :( However, I don't think this is his best, so I still have hope. :)


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