Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Teen Years Begin

Thoughts of Joy is 13 today!

While this space hasn't received much love and/or attention, I still plan to continue keeping a record of my reading/listening.

I decided to put my goal for the 2019 Goodreads Reading Challenge really low so I wouldn't feel any pressure to read.  That was all fine and dandy as I was naturally reading at a decent pace.  Well, I was going to exceed the goal quickly, so I changed it.  Now . . . I'm 3 behind.  Go figure!  It's not a big deal, just a mental space I wanted free.  Not sure if I'm going to do something about it or not.  We'll see.

Last summer I did cull many books, but there are many more lingering on shelves and in closets.  I will continue my quest for culling as the mood strikes.

So, my teen years begin with the hope of keeping up with my posting a bit better.  For some reason, I don't receive notification of comments anymore.  I have to go into my blog and look for them!  Sorry to those I haven't responded to in a timely manner.  I have found some more that I will address soon.  Thanks for reading, commenting and celebrating 13 years of blogging with me!

Happy Reading to All!

Thoughts of Joy

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