Friday, April 30, 2021

April Reads

5.  Dear Evan Hansen (Emmich) ~ 3.5/5 (good), audiobook

Thoughts:  This book had an interesting premise regarding lies snowballing, which seemed to be the focus, but the bigger picture was teen suicide.  I don't feel there was enough attention to that serious topic.  (4-11-21)

6.  The Menopause Manifesto (Gunter) ~ 4.5/5 (excellent), ebook, NetGalley

Thoughts:  Whoa.  Anything you want to know about menopause plus some . . . plus some more and more can be found in this book.  It was packed with information presented in a conversational manner, which made it very easy to read.  I have to admit that I glazed over some information that I wasn't interested in - actually a bit excessive in some places, but overall, excellent.  (4-12-21)

7.  The One (Marrs) ~ 4/5 (very good), audiobook

Thoughts:  This kept me interested the whole way through.  And, it had a few surprises along the way.  (4-22-21)  

Monthly - Yearly

Audiobooks:  2 - 5

Books:  0 - 0

eBooks:  1 - 2

New-to-Me Authors:  3 - 7

DNF:  0 - 0

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