Sunday, April 30, 2023

April Reads

23.  The Couple at Number 9 (Douglas) ~ 3.5/5 (good), audiobook, NetGalley, mystery

This was good, but I wish it didn't have a backstory.  I'm not always a fan of going back and forth.  Finding out the answer to the full mystery did keep me listening, but I wasn't glued to it.  The "stamp" at the end was perfect, though.  4-4-23

24.  The Inmate (McFadden) ~ 3/5 (just okay), audiobook, mystery

I thought this one was ridiculously unrealistic.  However, there was one twist I did not guess and another that I thought about, but forgot it by the time I heard it.  I would have given this a 2/5, but those two surprises boosted it to a 3/5.  It just had too many conveniences or foolish choices to rate it any higher.

25.  The Wife Stalker (Constantine) ~ 3.75/5 (good +), audiobook, domestic thriller

There were a few parts that I thought were too contrived, but overall, it had good twists.  I was intrigued.  4-17-23

26.  Hello Stranger (Center) ~ 3.75/5 (good +), ebook, NetGalley, romance

I enjoyed this story and the writing.  The topic of face blindness was interesting.  I liked the characters, but they seemed a little oblivious.  4-19-23

27.  The Inheritance Games (Barnes) ~ 3.5/5 (good), book, YA mystery

This book was pretty much an even keel of "good" all the way through.  I wasn't impressed by anything.  However, I did want to know the reason for leaving her the money.  The characters were all interesting enough, but I don't think I'm interested in reading any further in the trilogy.  4-20-23

28.  Finding Me (Davis) ~ 4/5 (very good), audiobook, Memoir

Viola's story is surprising, interesting and ultimately encouraging.  4-24-23

29.  I'm Thinking of Ending Things (Reid) ~ 3/5 (just okay), book, fiction

I'm going middle of the road with this one.  I was really into it - read it quickly, but felt the ending wasn't what I hoped for.  I prefer a little more clearly defined conclusion.  It was definitely a weird, little book and a little disappointing.   4-27-23


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