Sunday, July 16, 2023

It's Been 17 Years!


Once again, here we are ... Blogiversary time!  While I don't spend a lot of time or energy here, I still value this space.  I enjoy keeping this log of books even though my thoughts are sparse.

Not much has changed in my reading life.  I'm reading via all the avenues and listening, as well.  My favorite genre is still thrillers, but I have added a little romance (blaming influencers for that), and I'm still not into any fantasy (yet).  

I have been content with the number of books I have been reading, but not with my enjoyment level.  Most books have registered around the 3/5 range, which make them "just okay".  I would really like to get more 4 and the elusive 5 star ratings, but it's just not happening.  Although, I am thankful to have books to read (oodles and oodles!) and at least they are not ending up as DNFs.  The hunt continues.  :)

May your hunt for 5 star books be successful!

   Thoughts of Joy    

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