Thursday, August 31, 2023

August Reads

45.  These Silent Woods (Grant) ~ 3.5/5 (good), audiobook, fiction

This was identified as a thriller.  I definitely didn't consider it as one.  I did think it was good, though.  The storyline was interesting and kept my attention.  8-5-23

46.  Birthday Girl (Douglas) ~ 2/5 (not enjoyable), ebook, romance, NetGalley

Ugh.  This was definitely not my thing.  I skimmed or skipped multiple spicy scenes.  What did I expect, you wonder?  Didn't really think about it actually.  I just went with some hype I had heard, but both the main characters were immature.  I'm not opposed to reading romance books ... just close the door!

47.  Boy, 9, Missing (Joseph) ~ 3/5 (just okay), audiobook, mystery

I'm fairly certain I would have enjoyed this much more had I read it.  For some reason, the narrator's voice just didn't fit the main character, so the whole book just seemed off to me.  8-11-23

48.  Divine Rivals (Ross) ~ 3/5 (just okay), ebook, YA fantasy

I keep thinking I like YA, and I keep trying fantasy, but for the most part ... I don't like either all that much.  This one was okay, and the fantasy portion wasn't so bad either.  However, the characters were a bit shallow, and I didn't connect, but was interested in where the story was going.  8-17-23 

49.  Don't Let Her Stay (Sanders) ~ 3.5/5 (good), audiobook, domestic thriller

I predicted the whole story, but enjoyed it anyway.  8-21-23

50.  Take It Back (Abdullah) ~ 3.75/5 (good +), audiobook, thriller, NetGalley

The storyline was difficult to read at times, but the writing was very good.  I will definitely read this author again.  8-26-23

51.  The Bodyguard (Center) ~ 3.5/5 (good), audiobook, romcom

This was a good story.  I enjoyed it. 8-30-23

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