Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Few Stats of 2008

TOTAL:  167
Wowsers!  What a fantastic year of reading!  

BOOKS:  67  
Well, at least it's over 1 per week!  52 had been a goal of mine for several years, so I'm happy with 67.  :)

I listened to 100 books!  What fun!  It has been wonderful to make headway on a forever long TBR list!  I have enjoyed my listening experience immensely!

BEST READS of 2008:  23

I mainly read short stories for challenges, but found I really enjoy them.  I have purchased several short story collections, so I have ample to choose from in 2009.  My hope is to read many more
than I did this year. 


Last year, I was introduced to 103 new authors, so the total doesn't surprise me, but in another sense, it does - wow!  There certainly are an abundance of authors, aren't there? 

Together with last year's total, I have 44 series started!  I'm hoping to get to a lot of seconds and thirds this coming year.

(Graphic Novels, Southern Fiction, and Short Stories)
Of course, I was aware of Southern Fiction and Short Stories, but I hadn't read many of them.  I now consider them both very pleasurable reads.  The Graphic Novels are quite another story.  I had no clue what they were about.  It ended up being a surprisingly, delightful genre!

I was quoted in a full-page New York Times advertisement featuring James Patterson & Hal Friedman's non-fiction book titled
Against Medical Advice.  It was a delightful surprise! 


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Don't forget having your review quoted in an ad in the NY Times! Happy New Year!

  2. Bermudaonion ~ Oh yes! Thank you for the reminder! :)

  3. Wow Joy!!! That truly is one incredible year! And the fact that you managed to read 23 books that earned a 4.5 or better is fabulous! Giving yourself the freedom from hosting all those challenges will probably make your totals for the coming year even better...I can't imagine how much time hosting all of those must have taken.

    Hope you have the most wonderful 2009 imaginable!

  4. What an incredible year of reading!!! And you did an excellent job on your challenges.

    Here's hoping you have a wonderful 2009 and I look forward to reading your reviews.

  5. Woo-hoo, what a great reading year!
    Thank you for hosting the First in a Series and Seconds Challenge. Just a couple of the challenges I actually finished :)

  6. Nicely done! Happy New Year!!


  7. Absolutely amazing, Joy! And your record-keeping is only outshone by your actual reading : ) Hope 2009 is just as wonderful for you!

  8. Congratulations! I've posted my best list but will post stats tomorrow.

  9. Quoted! Excellent.

    100 audiobooks? That's really impressive.

  10. 44 series?? Holycow. :) I loved reading through your stats and seeing what you discovered throughout the year. 100 new to you authors is amazing!!

  11. Holey Katz! What a good year of reading you had! Nicely done.

  12. Joy, you certainly did have a good year. I hope 2009 is just as good. Happy New Year!

  13. Anonymous2:06 PM

    What an accomplishment!! Congrats! I may have to take a note from you and start listening to some!!

  14. Debi ~ I'm not sure that an increase in my totals will take place, but I'm game! :) Every year is different, so we'll see what happens. I do have peace about no commitments.

    May your 2009 be filled with love, joy and peace!

    Kara ~ I loved doing the challenges. They were so much fun. I look forward to reading with no particular plan. Happy New Year, Kara.

    Iliana ~ HOORAY! :) And, you are very welcome. I enjoyed hosting them.

    Lezlie ~ Thank you! Happy New Year to you, as well. :)

    Mary ~ I was too quick in getting my stats together and ended up recounting them all. :) Anyway, I enjoyed the year of reading. I hope you have a terrific 2009, Mary.

    Callista ~ Thank you. :)

    Carrie K ~ I know . . . isn't 100 amazing!?! I knew I was going through a lot, but 100! I'm happy. :)

    Trish ~ 44 over 2 years. There are some that I will not continue, but for the most part they are very successful finds. Weeeeeee!

    Vickie ~ Thanks, Vickie. Don't know if I'll have another one like it, but I sure enjoyed it when it was happening. :)

    Dar ~ Hey there! Glad to see you are visiting. Hope that eye of yours feels much, much better. :) Happy New Year!

    Kristina ~ OH! Listening to audiobooks is fabulous! It took me a little while to get used to it (staying focused), but once I did - I've been able to get to so many books that I'd like to read. Some people only like to listen to certain types of books. This year I have broadened what I'll listen to. It's working - I'm happy. :) I look forward to reading about your experience.

  15. Joy, What amazing stats! You had a successful year for sure!! Best to you in 2009!!

  16. Bonnie ~ Thank you! It was great to read/listen to so many books; however, after looking at my bookshelves and TBR list, I feel like I have only put a scratch (not even a dent) into the amount.

  17. Wow! That is certainly a great year of reading :) I'm impressed and here is to hoping that 2009 is just as great!

  18. Samantha ~ Thank you! Lots of audios, but lots of fun. :) I hope you have a great year of reading, too!

  19. Wow! You had a great year! And I hope that 2009 is even better! :)

  20. Tanabata ~ Thanks. I'm really happy with how the year turned out. However, I'm hoping for more 4.5 and above read ratings. That would make 2009 a better year. :)


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